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GTA 6 only on PS5 and Xbox Series X |  S and PC, output and setup discussed by a leaker -

GTA 6 only on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC, output and setup discussed by a leaker –

GTA 6 It will only be available in PS5And the Xbox Series X | s e Computer According to the well-known leaker Tom Henderson, who through a video has evaluated the release, setting, characters and all other rumors regarding the next chapter of the Rockstar Games series.

Known primarily for his predictions about Battlefield 2042, Henderson wanted to try his hand at a popular and sought-after title like Grand Theft Auto 6Pointing out what he had heard and refuting any theories, but reminding everyone that in any case information should be taken with caution.

According to the link, GTA 6 will be set in one Contemporary Vice City And not in the 80s, as reported by several rumors. About the fact that Vice City will be the new setting for GTA 6, there are already many more or less plausible evidence.

On the other hand, contemporary chronological compilation will marry the need not to restrict developers’ freedom regarding additional contents of GTA Online, as well as an unprecedented approach, according to the video, that will resume a little what is happening with the seasons of Fortnite: the game map will be enriched and modified with each update.

GTA 5, heroes in official artwork.

As for the release, Henderson talked about it 2024 a 2025, since according to him, processing is still in the initial stages and Rockstar Games wants to wait for the installed base of PlayStation 5 and increases Xbox Series X | S before you drown. This is because, according to the leaker, there is no publication on the previous generation platforms.

Grand Theft Auto VI so it will be”Exclusively for the next generation? This is Henderson’s theory, which goes slightly against the policy of the development team so far, which for example with GTA 5 is on the verge of achieving something completely new: presenting the same game on three different generations of consoles.

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Finally the characters: in the video confirms the rumors that have appeared so far about the existence of several AnsarIn line with what we have already seen in Episode 5, but this time we will also find a smart and brilliant woman, an expert in technology and hacking.