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Google, fine scored by antitrust news: what happened in France

Google, fine scored by antitrust news: what happened in France

French antitrust firm fines Alphabet company it owns The Google, with a standard penalty 500 million euros to manage negotiations with Publishers and the tested On the other side of the Alps to apply adjacent rights. The guarantor’s decision comes in the wake of international pressure on the digital giants to share revenue with content and news producers

Google will also have to comply with antitrust requests, with an extension the new Suggestion To be made within the next two months including compensation for agencies and newspapers for use of the news or additional penalties will be imposed 900 thousand euros per day.

American Express Holdings A wonderful disappointment to the decision while emphasizing that he wants to adapt it Show Based on what was stated in the report of the French authority.

Google, fine scored by the antitrust of news: agreement with publishers

Publishers have accused Apig, Sepm and Afp the web giant of not interfering good well In connection with the reward for content published on the Web, in violation of the provisions of the new European Union Directives on Related Rights.

Apig, which includes important names in the French press, including Le Monde and Le Figaro, signed framework agreement With Google, which has been heavily criticized by other information operators, to the News Showcase with the aim of monetization Article previews in search engine results.

This is the first agreement of its kind in Europe, which paved the way for a new era of journalism and online content creation.

Google agreed to pay $76 million Within three years for a group of 121 News producers to end negotiations. This amount was already criticized by the antitrustist as it was considered insignificant and insufficient.

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Google, antitrust score fine for news: What is Google News Gallery

Viewing Google News is a program that the digital giant initially spent on 1 billion dollars. It is a new way of using news, in which publishers and newspapers actively participate, with tools dedicated to them to get the most out of the contents.

The Alphabet group had to adapt the Google News Showcase to the new European regulations in right author and on Neighboring rights, taking into account the severe distrust of content producers in different countries, such as Italy, where the program is still in its initial stage, despite the participation of the biggest names in the news.

Despite heavy criticism from publishers and institutions, with controversies initially opening up as well AustraliaViewing Google News can be great news for users.

With articles already paid for by Alphabet, in fact, readers will not have to subscribe to newspapers to read the news available to the search engine. However, there is a risk that articles produced by companies that have not entered into commercial agreements will disappear from the results The Google.