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“Mobbing is not just about her”


Six other gynecologists from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Santa Sierra of Trento, All currently in service are ready to complain: “The working conditions in the ward were a source of deep suffering and exhaustion.” Monthly insults and criticisms such as undermining any professional protection Sarah Petrie, A 31-year-old obstetrician at Forlow practicing at Trento Hospital, to resign on March 3 and The next day it disappears into the thin air.

Sarah Petrie goes missing in Trento: Obstetrician-gynecologist transferred

Acts on the power of attorney

For two days the chief physician, Saverio Tadio, and his assistant, Liliana Meru, have been relocated. Emanuela They do not hesitate to discover the fact that they have opened a crack.

Yesterday The documents of the commission were handed over to the public prosecutor’s office, Meanwhile listened to dozens Witnesses It is not excluded that it reaches its own conclusions before it is condemned Gynecologists: Behaviors Bullying The former officer was prosecuted by prosecutors. If restoring peace in a ward where tensions have been blatant is a priority until Sunday, those now concerned and oppressed in recent months have been able to “with effort and courage, be able to tell what happened in the ward,” explains attorney Andrea de Bertolini. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

A Witness Heard during the internal investigation, he reported: Behavior that is often based on repressive attitudes has created profound suffering just like many of me. There were insults and threats. I heard a nurse say ‘I will destroy you’. Ward staff talk about outbursts in front of patients, professionals who are insulted, insulted or set aside. The midwife, who lasted only six months, said, as she was told, some had gone into the woods.

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Broken balance

Of balance Sarah Petrie Instead it broke and caused an accurate fracture, as some colleagues recalled in front of attorney Lycia Scholarini: “In the operating room, one of the chief physician’s staff first insulted her, then slapped her hand, dropping her scalpel. Family Lawyer, Attorney Nicodemo Gentile says: “We do not like anyone’s head. The family they say existed. In fact, in planning a moment, he lived a beautiful and clean emotional environment. At the age of 31 he was already a specialist and he had a great desire to live. Something happened at Trento.

So, what happened to that young woman was not linked to a personal personal weakness, but was triggered by a toxic work environment, which was arbitrarily reported to us by medical professionals, a real powder keg. We made some souvenirs with the names and surnames of the people who told us so many things.

Sarah’s phone

Friday Attorney’s Office Trento Received a forensic copy of the young woman’s phone, and attorney Lycia Scogliarini examines the contents. Sarah’s cell phone was found in her car parked on the border between the cities of Sis and Glees Bridge over Nose Stream, Which leads to the current Santa Gustina Lake, and this is where the doctor’s traces are lost. “We trust the judiciary as much as we did from the beginning,” said Emanuela Petrie. One towards the primary tadio Calibration Very harsh, he explains a simple one Change It does not solve the problem, I never thought this result could be achieved in such a short time anyway. Finally, the staff of Santa Sierra can start working peacefully again.

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