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Goldman Sachs takes a stand on employee vaccination

Goldman Sachs takes a stand on employee vaccination

Goldman Sachs appears ready to provide a very clear inside line on the vaccine issue.

While the delta variant remains one of the biggest problems with the pandemic in much of the world, the New York banking giant plans to ban employees from using ID cards as identification at the entrance to its buildings unless they update the company on Their vaccination status.

An option specifically aimed at changing policies that follow the trend of the epidemic, and aims to require employees to provide evidence of vaccination procedure.

Goldman takes a stand on vaccines

In fact, Goldman Sachs employees are already required to report their vaccination status to the company, a policy laid out in June 10 Finally which – in the absence of management – leads to specific consequences depending on the case:

“If the company does not report your vaccination status, your ID will not work to secure your entry into the building, which will instead be subject to notification of vaccination, in progress or completed,”

A company spokesperson told CNN.

In addition, unvaccinated employees need a quick on-site swab at Goldman’s office before coming Tested regularly If positive, invite him to leave the building immediately.

A method that seems to follow too Morgan Stanley New York officesWhich prevents all unvaccinated employees and customers from entering its premises.

According to the company’s latest official reports, all employees working in buildings with “a large number of employees” were required to confirm their vaccination status by July 1.

while in German Bank Currently, there does not appear to be any restrictions placed on employees who have not been vaccinated or who do not intend to give information on vaccination status.

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However, the latter is required to answer a series of questions about any symptoms, recent trips and movements made They should always wear a mask, as well as undergo tests several times a week in the office