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Gianmaria, Miriana e Sophie sono i tre VIP nominati

Gianmaria, Miriana and Sophie are the three VIP nominees – Big Brother VIP

Over the past nominations, SufiAnd Soleil and sisters of kings Selassie The VIPs were the most voted.

Alfonso, after the television broadcast was officially closed, asked the contestants to stand with their backs round towards the LED to hear the audience’s opinion.

It’s time to find out: Soleil is the crowd’s favorite contender. “Thank you so much” The influencer comments, grateful for saving it.

Today, VIPs, in addition to receiving immunity, will be responsible for choosing the VIP you want to send directly to Nomination. “Send Sophie to Nomination, consistently as always, for she must first find herself and then follow a path like this” He justifies his choice.

Who will challenge the VIPs?

As in every episode, this evening Alfonso also reveals the names of the house’s guards FrancescaAnd ManuelAnd ALDO NS Jukas.

Opinion followers are also welcome to express their preference. Today, it’s up to Adriana to name an important character; “I want to lie to her” With these words, the columnist decides to grant him immunity Alex So, after all the questions about the Alex-Delia-Soleil triangle, he wants to show the truth at all costs.

Called Superled, it’s time for the clear nominations.

The first person to express their opinion is Katia Who, upset by the meeting that had just been held with Nicolas, decided to call mirjana Because it does not include all the joy that appears after its elimination. it’s your turn Manila who, reluctantly, named the princesses because he had some clashes with Lulu during these days; Furthermore, because he cares so much about the other two sisters, he wishes the three of them split up to avoid being unfairly naming Clarissa and Jessica. Moreover DavidFor reasons of the last nomination, the vote for Selassie; Carmen, on the other hand, has the right to vote Jianmariawho re-vote. Even the princesses exchanged votes and fattened David, while Sophie, very upset, called Manila: “It’s a column to me and I feel a little lonely” Explains the model who noticed the breakup of the former Miss Italy. Finally, Mirjana gave her vote to David because she thought she would get a vote from him and took the opportunity to respond to Katya’s criticism by saying: “I want to go back to live, to know”.

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It’s time for the secret nominations and Alfonso invites the contenders to go to the Confessionals one by one.

Francesca and Solai nominated Gianmaria, while Alex and Aldo gave Mirjana their vote for her behavior towards Nicola. Manuel also appoints Mirjana and does so because, in his opinion, she is not a key figure in the House of Representatives. Finally, Giucas appoints Gianmaria.

The three main nominees for this episode are: Gianmaria, Mirjana and Sophie.

Alfonso officially opened the telecast after the names of the competitors were announced. Who will have to leave the house permanently?