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Sono state introdotte nuove regole per i trasporti, per contenere i contagi da coronavirus

The European Union will impose sanctions on Belarus to facilitate the arrival of migrants at the border with Poland

The European Union has reached an agreement to impose sanctions on Belarus, which will include “persons, airlines, travel agencies and anyone who has contributed to the illegal push of migrants to our borders”: said Josep Borrell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Safety Policy.

For weeks, the European Union has been trying to stem the flow of migrants and asylum seekers from Belarus. the flow It was open and encouraged by the Belarusian regime by Alexander Lukashenko, who welcomed thousands of immigrants and then pushed them towards the borders of Poland and Lithuania, in an attempt to Putting the European Union in trouble.

An important part of the new route is the air links between the Belarusian capital, Minsk, and many cities in the Middle East, from which migrants and asylum seekers set off using the various flights available and the ease with which Belarusian embassies began granting scholarships. For this reason, the European Union has been threatening to retaliate against the airlines operating in Minsk for days, and He’s already got some results.

Borrell said the decision to impose sanctions reflected “the European Union’s determination to oppose the political exploitation of migrants”. The list of people and individuals who will be affected by the sanctions will be compiled and published in the coming weeks.
Lukashenko has already promised revenge: “They are trying to scare us with sanctions. We will defend ourselves. We cannot withdraw.” However, he did not announce specific measures, even if he made it clear a few days ago Be prepared to cut off gas supplies from the European Union.

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In the meantime, the situation on the border between Belarus and Poland is still very complicated. To survive, the migrants depend almost entirely on the Belarusian Red Cross, which has very little means to feed them and build shelters from the cold. According to the estimates of the Belarusian authorities, about two thousand people are currently trapped at the border, including 200 children.