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Gf Vip 6, Clarissa Selassie revealed that she was disappointed with Vippo

Gf Vip 6, Clarissa Selassie revealed that she was disappointed with Vippo

a few hours ago Clarissa Selassie was a guest in Chee’s housedirect header container from Alfonso Signorini made by Rosalinda Canavu. The Ethiopian princess was immediately asked to respond to his remarks Alex Bailey A few days ago about the separation between the sister lulu And Manuel Portozzo. The actor had revealed that when the princess learned of Ansa’s swimming statement, she was with him in a photo session:

We love Alex Super but we were so bad, because anyway precisely because he has affection for us, it makes no sense to say this fake news. Did Lulu break up while she was there? It’s not true and even if it was, I don’t know how he could have known. Social people know what the truth is. I respect you, I have affection for you, but once you know something, you can take advantage of it to go and enjoy a guest. It seemed a little cheap to me. He told me not to take him because he was there, it’s our job.

On the other hand, regarding the data on the meeting between Jessica and Simon:

The thing he said about Jessica made me laugh a lot. The night I met this Alex’s girlfriend Jessica, I was staying with her, and it’s not at all true that they went up in the elevator together. Someone had gone up the stairs. Total fake news! There is also evidence that we sisters can prove. They call him on social media the Hundred Chairs because as soon as he sees an opportunity…

The breaking news is that everything Alex has said is fake news. Those who know us follow us and take note. In the end, Alex sacrificed himself.

Questions arose about the end of the love story between the swimmer and his sister: Secondly Clarissa Selassie Could the two get back together one day?

Then I will always love Manuel. The appreciation and respect I have for him will never fade. I saw him every day when Lulu was home. I hope that one day they can talk, break up on the phone, and never face each other. I hope one day they can talk and face each other because they both deserve it.

After such a strong love, it is impossible not to talk to each other, at least in my opinion. They should at least clear it up but I don’t know if they’ll be back together. Lulu is very wounded and doesn’t recognize this person who is Manuel at the moment, nor do I. However, many things happened that I prefer to keep a secret so as not to hurt Manuel. These are the things his family has done to Lulu, but the good I want will never go away, so I hope one day I never tell you about your friends, but if we see each other we can hug each other, ask ourselves how we are. I will be very happy, of course I hope so, I hope so, let’s see …

Manuel Was he conditional, or was he really convinced that something couldn’t work?

As I know him, Manuel is also fragile; He is strong, very strong, but at the same time he has his weaknesses like everyone else. If you know how to approach the matter properly, you can still change its perspective. We’ve already seen on the show a few times that some people in her family didn’t even mention Lulu, didn’t give weight to Lulu and I was the first to tell her ‘Lulu flies alone. Don’t try to love if your love isn’t accepted.’ Then that love was born, and we saw that passion The beautiful, and I really think they were getting married.

He said he wanted to build a family together and these things don’t go away overnight, so I still think Manuel has people around him surrounding him. People who might not want to appreciate that love because it’s not love for granted, because no girl nowadays really wants you the way you are, for your soul. They look very much at appearance. Thinking around him, the people in his family did not appreciate what Lulu did which is his love and understanding. They will certainly have difficulties, and I am not saying that it is all roses, it is only natural that one has had difficulties. After 6 months in prison, you come back as you’ve lost your mind a bit. I see that many characters are just talking for the sake of having a small article, it is easy to blame Lulu for his personality.

I have no problem telling the truth, first I saw Che’s interview and appreciated what Sophie, Allie Bacciano, Gianmaria and Giacomo Ortis had to say. I also greatly appreciate David, he was a very gentleman. Then there are other characters like Maria Monsé who go everywhere trying to shine a light on her. Three weeks in the Gf probably wasn’t enough for her, from what we see she wanted more.

I was very disappointed with Federica that she was no longer friends with Manuel anyway, because the whole time we were in the studio, Federica was always with me when Gianmaria wasn’t around. And anyway, we’ve always felt this period and say she has extra affection for Manu that there’s nothing wrong with them, but they share so little, compared to what Fede and I share that we’re two girls, we do the same job. We talked a lot, to help each other also on business matters, but also on personal matters. She knows a lot of my stuff, and I know a lot of her stuff, she’s asked me for friend-to-friend advice, so I’m disappointed to say ‘I’m for Manu’s side’.

In this case, if you love a couple, you should never take sides, you should just try to understand that two people are suffering at the moment. Both are equal. No one suffers more and no one suffers less. Nor who is more or less right.

love season: Clarissa Selassie Is she engaged?

I got engaged a few months ago with this boy, and now we broke up, but it’s a very peaceful relationship, we’re friends, I don’t know if we’ll ever get back together, it needs to be found out. In short, I’m single now, ready for summer as single.

The love part I always try to keep a secret.

Who loved Vippone Clarissa Selassie?

You are the only one. In my opinion, Gianluca was very nice in appearance, he came when I was not home, but we saw each other for dinner, so in friendship.

Top Barrow:

I’ve always said I love Barrow and my judgment hasn’t changed, because I find him very honest. Anyone who says he’s playing with it didn’t really understand how it was made. I talked to him a little while we were in the studio and he told me things that made me understand what his direction was. Then if it’s friendship or a date or they just want to get to know each other better that’s their job. However, several times he expressed a desire to meet her outside the house in a private way. If they were dating, they would never come and tell you because he wanted something special. Even if that’s the case, we’re a little smart… let’s get there… he’ll never tell you. Even if they were together they would never tell you, because he doesn’t want to.

with regard to Simon Bonacoursi:

He was a friend of hers, and they went for some sushi and ended up there. False gossip!

on a future Clarissa Selassie Is there music?

We made a song as a trio because the social world loves the power of a trio. Lulu and I personally write a lot of singles, and we want to see our favorite songs and release them between June and July or directly in September, so that we don’t rush into something that could be done very well.