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In the coming hours, the weather will be turbulent due to sudden thunderstorms over at least 4 regions; Evolution »

Weather: In the coming hours, the weather will be turbulent due to sudden thunderstorms over at least 4 regions; has evolved

High pressure on Italy, but risks of thunderstorms will remain high in some areas

Estimated time for the next few hoursIn the next hours The stability of the prevailing atmosphere in our country will be destabilized again due to sudden events My time Which will spread in at least 4 regions.

On a general scale we find extensive Anticyclone from subtropical matrix which now occupies a large part of the Mediterranean basin with very visible effects also on our country where, in addition to a fair atmospheric stability, we record a kind of climate that is practically summer.
However, it should be noted that we are still in autumn And in this period of the year, high pressures still fail to impose their complete dominance, as often happens, for example, in summer. And here in fact, they will descend from northern Europe towards our region in the far north Relatively cooler air masses Willing to contrast with pre-existing heat which leads to many observations of instability especially in hot hours.

After a quiet and sunny morning for most of the country, as the hours go by we will see a gradual increase in clouds in the entire section Alps And Before the Alps Where the first items will be registered late in the morning rain showers scattered.

However, the afternoon will be the right moment for more significant and widespread rain, also in the form of a thunderstorm. The results of at least will be under observation 4 regions And to be precise those of LombardyAnd Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto And Friuli Venezia Giulia. As often happens in this type of situation dedicated to extreme instability, we cannot however exclude that some thunderstorm phenomenon may temporarily push from mountainous areas towards adjacent flat areas.
In the rest of the country, on the other hand, the weather will continue to snooze in an always-hot context and practically summery connotations. Only on the Apennine mountain range can temporary thickening develop, but with rare effects.

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Except for unexpected surprises, this general weather condition sometimes a little turbulent will also accompany us most of the time weekend When thunderstorms in some parts of the country continue to appear often around the corner.