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A quiet night passed in both Gaza and Israel after the nightly announcement of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel announced that it will reopen this morning both the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing, the closure of which, among other things, halted the activities of the Gaza power plant, and the Erez passenger crossing from which 14,000 unskilled workers will be able to. To cross today Gaza operates in Israel. Yesterday the Erez crossing was damaged by Islamic Jihad shells, but it seems that it can still be accessed. But in the area close to the Strip, Israel still follows “some precautionary measures.” Farmers are still denied access to the fields near the border fence.

In three days of fighting, Israel bombed 170 targets attributed to the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza. Among them: a military tunnel, warehouses, breakout ramps, sites and even prominent members of the military wing of that organization. Ten rocket launches were intercepted on the ground in real time. With Operation Breaking Dawn ending in Gaza, Israeli military radio has limited the number of attacks by Palestinians saying that 1,100 rockets will be launched from Gaza, of which only 900 will enter Israeli territory, while the rest will retreat. in the sector. Israel Army Radio added that Iron Dome defense batteries intercepted 380 rockets that “directly threaten populated areas in Israel.” According to the radio, this is a success rate of 96-97%, which is much higher than that recorded in the past ten years in the operations carried out against Hamas in Gaza. This is due, according to the radio, to “the continuous improvement of those batteries. The laser system for intercepting the new missiles has not yet been used, and it will only work in one to two years.”

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Joe Biden welcomes the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza after three days of hostilities. Biden himself confirms this, stressing that “both Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live in safety.”

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