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From “petty” profits to the psychologist – Daily

From “petty” profits to the psychologist – Daily

It should have been a great opportunity, for many, starting with Vladimir Luxuria, and instead this edition of The island of famous people It was a failure for everyone, including Mediaset. a Deep disappointment General, which increases from week to week. The audience does not participate, at least not fully, in an unpopular reality show.

Pietro Fanelli also shows his dissatisfaction. He chose to leave the program and is now being interviewed by Novella 2000Al said His version of events. completely Disappointed with the experienceto the point of wanting to stop it after a while, giving up exposure and money (very little for him, editor).

Pietro Fanelli, how much did he get?

The economic element certainly weighed in choosing Pietro Fanelli to join the cast The island of famous people. He identified himself as onebusty“, a condition that made the prospect of television profits so attractive. However, things turned out differently than he expected.

Since he didn’t enter the show as an already well-known personality, he had to settle for a reduced fee. Something he wasn’t afraid to define as “miserable.” However, the reality of the facts is very different, and when using certain terms, it would be helpful to have some feet on the ground, and thus in contact with reality.

Pietro Fanelli certainly intended to talk about a pittance to what personalities in the world of entertainment are, to define them as such. 3 thousand euros per month It’s sure to make a lot of people turn up their noses.

“I thought I would get some money from him to live a more dignified life. But unfortunately, the financial compensation expected for my character was trivial. Since I wasn’t really a well-known face, they only paid me 100 euros a day, so 700 per week“.

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Goodbye to Celebrity Island

Experiment A The island of famous people It didn’t start out in the best way. Pietro Fanelli was actually upset by the video that was created to present it. According to him, in fact, the image that was deliberately given to the public was one of a ridiculous nature.

He explained that for the first part of the reality show, he received praise from the studio. Overall, he felt appreciated by Vladimir Luxoria and the commentators. However, everything changed later: “They tried to make me almost ridiculous, and when I no longer followed their ‘rules’ they tried to censor me. Episode after episode I noticed that the studio treated me differently. At first I received a lot of praise and appreciation from the broadcaster and commentators, Because I embodied the character they wanted, as soon as I tried to highlight some important points in the reality show, they started doing it Try to block me“.

Then he made up his mind to return to his homeland, ending this experiment once and for all, but above all according to his own rules. He explained that the production did not take this choice well.

The first response was to convince him to stay. By having him talk to a psychologist. This assumes that the choice is dictated by the great psychological and physical pressures caused by the experience. Later the production manager will also try to convince him to stay at any cost.

This is Pietro Fanelli’s version of events, which coincides with the network’s need to make the show a success, as it is still in the transition phase, after the Variety farewell: “They told me that I was the real hero of the reality show and that staying on the island would be important for my future in entertainment.

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