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From Merkel to Macron, the ex-Senkistel diaspora in Europe

From Merkel to Macron, the ex-Senkistel diaspora in Europe

We commend a can opener, a candidate at the time for the 5-star movement, Isabella AdenolfiIn the 2014 European elections, he presented himself with a promise to “undermine the minority European class led by lobbyists and financial interests.” “Those who represented us so far, the parties, were the mouthpieces of politics – they added the aspirants in the European Parliament – and they had no real motive, except for an extra salary.” Re-elected in 2019, Adinolfi left Senkestel this morning to join the European People’s Party, the European Union family at Forza Italia and the Christian Democratic Union of Angela Merkel. Adenolfi bid farewell to the movement he founded Baby Grillo It is the sixth in the past five months. Of the fourteen elected in the last European elections, only eight MEPs remained loyal to the Genoese comedian.


The former, new cinquestelle was greeted with open arms Antonio Tajani. “I met Issa Adinolfi and Andrea Carrobo,” the powerhouse player tweeted, confirming rumors that the now ex-Pentastelata and ex-Liga player, both of whom are in the southern Italian constituency, are about to enter EPP. The presence of our delegation is reinforced in the large family of famous Europeans. welcome! Forza Italia, the national coordinator wrote.

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The other five escaping M5s, such as the Neo-populists, are all second term MEPs. The first to leave, at the beginning of December 2020, was … Ignazio CoraoAnd the Eleonora EvieAnd the Rosa Damato e Piernicola Pedicini. The destination for all four was the European Greens, the European Union formation that was closest to the movement’s original programs and battles, but kept dry in 2014 when, at the first entrance of the Quintet to the European Parliament, elected M5s joined a group Nigel FarragHe is considered the political father of Brexit, along with the far-right in Strasbourg bicycling. With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, the five stars ended up in parliamentary limbo for non-members, who in Eurochamber must be subject to a strict parliamentary act that relegates them to reduced speaking times and less ability to influence legislative files.

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It was the fifth to abandon M5s in Europe Marco Zulu, Who joined the Renew Europe liberals, the group created by the will of the French president, Emmanuel Macron. In recent months, the movement has tried to unite ranks by showing negotiation papers with the Social Democrats group, the European Union family of the Democratic Party. Despite some signs of openness, the Senate remains outside the only political group they hope to be a part of in the future, while disaffected MEPs and the second legislature are leaving the movement in quirks.