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Tracy offers recovery. Stop at 2022 to 100 – Economy

The CDM on the recovery and recession plan was convened at 10 a.m. today. Tragi’s commitment is to ‘pass on a modern country to the next generation’. The 318-page draft outlines six tasks, four major reforms, and three cross-cutting priorities in favor of youth, women and the South. 30 major research infrastructure is planned and is one of the specialties for epidemiology. The estimate of its impact on GDP is “at least 3.6% higher in 2026”. Stop at 100, 228 thousand new places for kindergartens, Streamlined access to the PA, simplification and digital, the degree is already valid as a state exam. More tenders in public services, 25 billion for high speed trains. There is no extension of SuperPhone until 2023. The political oversight of the project will be in Palazzo Ciki.

This is the last mile the Prime Minister has to travel before sending the plan to Europe on April 30. Since the parties have sharp weapons, this debate promises to be the most appropriate in the Council of Ministers. The CDM scheduled for the day is postponed to Saturday 10: no political reason, they explain from Palazzo Ciki, but the need to finish the final touches to the ground. Meanwhile, the draft of the PNRR is beginning to spread and bring out some important issues in the view of the majority parties. After all, Superbones, which is dear to M5s, is not an extension to 2023, but was requested by Confindustria. But give Single Network for Pensions (End of Allocation 100), Until the composition of the control room, CDM’s Eve still finds some knots in the table. The draft predicts that 40% of resources will go to the South, 38% to “green” projects and 25% to digital projects. The plan includes 6 tasks and 4 reforms of public administration, including justice, competition and simplification. After sending the plan to Europe, the government is preparing to pass the three mandates and proxy laws expected to compete in July. An order to regulate the rules (by creating a specialized office in Palazzo Ciki), along with measures such as a special “State VIA” to expedite the accreditation of the NRP. The second order will be used to recruit PAs, which will strengthen the recovery process. Third to define the management of the project: The control room in Palazzo Ciki (by strengthening the Prime Minister’s Office) should include the relevant administrations, local authorities, and community partners.

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Recovery plan, 221.5 billion plan to restart Italy

Much of the project is limited and unlikely to change. 6.7 billion for renewables, 8 million households and 9,000 schools for fast internet, 25 billion for high-speed rail network and 228,000 new places for kindergartens. But there are also some politically important things. The cashback will disappear from the plan (but there is funding, so it is in effect now). By the end of 2021, 100 will have expired, Will be replaced by pension measures for those who love the league, and those who work hard. There is no extension to 2023 for SuperPhone: 110% subsidy for building reconstruction confirmed as it is today, until 2022, funding will not grow.

Conflict in the majority – “Super bonus is an important step. We need it with adequate funding”. This is a severe reaction of FI In the PNR draft of the extension of Superfonus until 2023, in the news about the shortage. This extension – according to Italian sources – is one of the projects that Phi has given to the government in recent days. “We have asked for a one-year extension – to be continued – with adequate funding and extension for other types of buildings, hotel facilities and more, even for real estate funds”. “110% Super Bonus One The action created by the movement, its extension is essential And the need for environmental change. Recall that climate change is precisely the team that gave birth to this government. ” Sources of M5S.