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Fortnite x Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy confirmed with release date -

Fortnite x Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy confirmed with release date –

Aloy is the protagonist of the new crossover between Fortnite and Horizon Zero Dawn

It is an electronic game It aims to accommodate a junction with Horizon Zero DawnIn these minutes, the issue was confirmed by Epic Games which is also announcing the release date of the skin Aloy, Selected for April 15, 2021, And also something about Time-bound game mode.

After a collaboration with PlayStation Studios previously seen with the arrival of Kratos from God of War, the next crossover is withinUpdate 16.20 So Epic Games will take care of Horizon Zero Dawn. As already mentioned in the details that have surfaced so far, there appears to be Aloy’s skin to come, which will allow you to play Fortnite with the protagonist of the Sony series, but not only.

According to reports from Computer mines ShiinaBR, who specializes in leaks on Fortnite, appears to have a limited time game mode dedicated to Horizon Zero Dawn, which appears to contain both Aloy and Lara Croft, At a kind of crossover in width, no less.

As stated in the tweet shown below, it is about the collaboration between Aloy and Lara and “using the loot taken from the game and technology in order to Improved weaponsWith these “they will be able to upgrade to legendary quality” and thus “to observe wild animals, you cannot know what is hidden in the jungle”.

In short, new enemies appear to be in shape wild animals Or things like that, intended to be included in Fortnite, which is the hunt for loot to do.Upgrade the weapon to the legendary level. For the rest, we refer you to all the news of update 16.20, while we remind you that update 3.12 was recently published again for Fortnite.

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