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Foreigners increase in Varese, Radiotaxi: "The city has become a tourist"

Foreigners increase in Varese, Radiotaxi: “The city has become a tourist”

diverse – Recently Under 19 and Under 23 Rowing World Championships They generated an important economic stimulus in Varese, which benefited not only hotels and restaurants, but also other realities such as taxis. It’s the consortium Radiotaxi Varese To rate Summer in the City, which scores excellent numbers of admissions, is not just about the sporting event. The result is a Varese picture Enhances its tourist image.

World Cup effect

The main event of the season was the appointment at the end of July with international rowing competitions taking the lead Thousands of people in Schiranna. The athletes moved with private shuttle buses that ran between the hotel and the competition field, but for taxi drivers from Varese The work was not lacking Thanks to family and friends in tow. ‘Mainly many foreigners who need services – arrived in the city – comments Stefano Zanvitor, Head of Radiotaxi Varese – Partly they were independent with rented cars, partly they used regular public transport and others depended on us. With so many appearances There was work for everyonewithout a doubt.” In Varese There are 30 operating taxis.

Sports as a tourist engine

Kayaking and sports in general proved to be great on this occasion as well tourist driver for the Varese region. «After 2008 with me cycling world championship – Taxi Drivers representative continues – We realized that this type of event mainly related to cycling and kayaking is Fantastic business card Because the beautiful pictures of Varese are transmitted all over the world and always admired by foreigners.” On the occasion of sporting events, those who arrive in Varese Take the opportunity to spend a few days of vacation in the areaThen perhaps you will move to the rest of Italy to discover the city of art. There are also those who have added Varese to their Italian tour specifically for sport. “I’ve known many Australian cycling enthusiasts – explains Zanvettore – who came for the holidays in Italy and set aside a few days for our area Especially for cycling in our valleys.”

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Varese tourist more and more

All these manifestations bear a induced large, as well as for bars and restaurants. Then the head of Radiotaxi emphasizes how the flow of tourists to Varese has increased in recent years, with the exception of course of the Covid period, which inevitably had different dynamics. «Since the end of spring, after the last restrictions were lifted, work has resumed and tourists have arrived. Until a few years ago, Varese was not a tourist city: It is a great success for our region, There was a sharp increase In the past few years.” Most of the tourists come fromEurope, notably Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Many spend a few days in Varese as they cross from northern to southern Europe.