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Florence at 10 pm is still at 33 degrees, tomorrow is even more present in Tuscany

Florence at 10 pm is still at 33 degrees, tomorrow is even more present in Tuscany

Tuscany weather. The numbers for this intense heat wave are being lost again, and just to sum up today, after Florence has reached 22°C, thermometers are still off at 33, moreover with the humidity increasing rapidly. We have reports of 34 degrees in some areas of the city but we can’t confirm the data.

Intensification of thunderstorms. The main new thing tomorrow will be more storms, especially in the afternoon and evening hours. This phenomenon is likely to take its first steps in the north of the region, again between Lunigiana, Garfagnana, Massese, Lucca Apennines and Apuan Alps and then continues with flowering towards the south and may find greater expression in the provinces of SIENA, AREZZO, INTERNO GROSSETANO.

We provided on the map the first qualitative assessment of the forecast for the storm.

The mineral region, Amiata region should witness more significant phenomena but cumulative developments are expected in the Chianti region as well.

Afternoon is punctuated by several storm cells which can in some cases be very active or host strong showers, local hail and strong winds.

For improvement it will be necessary to wait for the first hours of the night.

Updates in the next few hours.

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