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Del Vecchio Foundation, Catholic Healthcare and Gemelli Polyclinic together to relaunch Fatebenefratelli Hospital on the Tiber Island

Del Vecchio Foundation, Catholic Healthcare and Gemelli Polyclinic together to relaunch Fatebenefratelli Hospital on the Tiber Island

Agreement to start salvage and relaunchVatiben Fratelli Hospital San Giovanni Calipetta of the Tiber Island in Rome. It was announced by the Foundation for catholic health – Founded by the Holy Father Francis – and the Foundation Leonardo del Vecchio, united in the newly formed joint venture of Sanità Isola Tiberina (SIT). You will have the financial and professional resources available «To ensure the success of the operation». Thanks to the agreement reached, an important new chapter has been opened for Catholic healthcare and in particular in the history of the Roman health facility on the island of Tiberina, which will once again represent a distinction in the panorama of national healthcare.

Fatibinfratelli convention

Fatebenefratelli San Giovanni Calibita Hospital will be able to count on an industrial partner, selected after a careful selection process, in the institution Agostinho Gemelli University Hospital IRCCS, a structure with a wealth of skills at the highest level, internationally recognized, capable of ensuring hospital management based on excellence in healthcare and research. The agreement represents an important step forward in an intensive path whose goal, from the first stages, has been to build a project that is sustainable in all its parts, to allow the revitalization of an institution essential to the quality of the health system, while preserving its deep social and Catholic value. In this direction, the identified solution defined a new paradigm of inter-institutional cooperation, driven by a strong spirit of solidarity, in which skills and resources are provided for a universal right such as the right to health.

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Your Eminence Nunzio GalantinoThe head of the Catholic Health Foundation said: «I can only look with satisfaction at the fruitful cooperation which has led to the decisive step forward that has been taken to reach, as soon as possible, a final solution for the full and sustainable restart of Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina.».

«I am honored to be able to make, with the institution that bears my name and together with the Holy See, a contribution to the process of relaunching an outstanding structure in the city of Rome at the service of the most vulnerable and needy. It gives me great pleasure to be able to announce the launch of this project on this difficult Christmas Eve. I hope there will soon be other initiatives like this that will allow me to give back to our country all the good it has been able to give me. I think this is the best way to wish everyone a happy birthday»K added. Leonardo del Vecchio.