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Flavio Insinna, the advertisement that changes everything has arrived: Fans in 7th Heaven

Flavio Insinna, the advertisement that changes everything has arrived: Fans in 7th Heaven

Flavio Encina, the official announcement has arrived: What are the programs of the famous conductor of the orchestra in the near future?

Really a golden time for Flavio Encina He will increasingly become the true face of Rai Uno, to the delight of his fans. For another month it will be on topthe legacyBefore concluding this season’s series of episodes in the early evening on the main Rai Network.


But this is only one of the many challenges he will have to face. In fact, enough time to disconnect and Insinna will be back in the video again this time, however, in the afternoon. Starting Monday June 28, his turn will be at 2 PM, again on Rai Uno,Lunch is served‘, The historical test that opinion inherited from Mediaset.

But that’s not all, because as BubinoBlog predicts, Flavio Insinna has been re-set at the head of ‘L’Eredità’ to delight his fans. There will be no change of goalkeeper, even if someone anticipates in recent days that the place may arrive Marco Lyorni. The new season will begin on Monday September 27th, September 27, a few weeks before the third edition of The Mystery SingerHe should be back to be part of the jury.

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Flavio Insinna, a cool project on the horizon: will we ever see it again with a role from the past?

But that’s not all Flavio Insinna will be waiting for in the upcoming TV season because another rumor is already causing controversy. In fact, it returns Don Matteo 13, One of Ray’s longest-running and most popular TV series, many remember the first five seasons he was in the role of Captain Anchesky (who later became a pioneer).

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Flavio Encina

Well, there’s a big chance Insinna is still playing the lovable carabiniere, even if he’s only in an episode of the new season. And with him he can also return. Melina Mikuni, Who became his wife by fiction.