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Fire at CsFlowers tonight, roaring at 22.15, then flames and fear of an attack (photos and video) -

Fire at CsFlowers tonight, roaring at 22.15, then flames and fear of an attack (photos and video) –

Its 22.15 When a roar breaks the silence of Tagia and part of the Riva Ligure. Many residents heard the blast while sitting on the sofa or already in bed. Brady and basin area, industrial area in the center of the triangle between Taggia, Arma and Riva Ligure. expectation Here.

Just open the window to see Flames, very tall, comes from the yard of Cs Flowers, an import-export company of flowers. The alarm is immediately extinguished and several crews of the Sanremo Fire Brigade arrive first and then from Imperia.

The Flames They closed three trailers of a company, also an import-export company, whose headquarters are near CS and have rented a yard to house the vehicles. Amazingly, owners are also coming to move truck engines, move them, and avoid serious damage. The trailers were destroyed, one containing packaging and another load of tiles, while the third was probably empty.

It is a A race against time, firefighters initially tried to put out the fire with hydrants, but it was difficult due to the high heat and the fire engulfing three vehicles. The foam lance arrives and thankfully manages to stop the fire from spreading to some trees that separate the two properties with several offices and warehouses nearby.

The Mayors of Tagia, Mario Conio and Riva Ligure, Giorgio GiufraTabia vice mayor Espedito Longobardi and the local Carabinieri station Gazzolo and Colonel Chiofalo commander from Imperia, together with several soldiers.

The fire was extinguished around 11.30 pm But at the sight of the burning objects, a towering column of smoke rises and a pungent odor envelops half of the city, while in Bratty and Besin area, dozens of visitors arrive. In the middle of the night Cs Flowers Square is crowded for firemen’s work but the danger is averted.

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Corrective intervention It will go on for a good part of the night, with tomorrow’s sunshine, prompting investigations by technicians from the Fire Brigade together with the Carabinieri. It is difficult to think of a short circuit or, in any case, an accidental fire. The Roars They’ve heard that it can be dictated by tire bursts, but self-ignition is unlikely.

Fortunately No injuries or intoxication were recorded. It is impossible to speculate until investigations are safely carried out and something is discovered. Stimulates. It’s a bad dream, but we’ll know more tomorrow attack It’s definitely around the corner. As Dagia goes to sleep, the terrible fire is extinguished.