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Ferrari Roma, you can't go through and the car gets the alley

Ferrari Roma, you can’t go through and the car gets stuck…in the alley

that of Get stuck with your car It is a nightmare for many, regardless of the value of the broker. Imagine, then, for those who, like a wealthy motorist, own cars of a certain thickness and who, without realizing what was about to happen, turned the nightmare into reality by going to the You get stuck in a very narrow alley Citizen with his new brand Ferrari Roma For more than 200 thousand euros.

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The new Ferrari Roma, road test: all the shots

There is no pass…

as it seems from Video shared on the internet, it is possible that the owner of the Maranello car miscalculated or perhaps simply did not realize that the car was wider than the lane it was about to pass through.

Obviously we don’t know how it went, the video pauses before we see Ferrari Roma save from impending disaster. However, without being too pessimistic, the chances of seeing the car body From beautiful Rome is still intact after the unpleasant incident is almost zero.

We dare not imagine the reaction of the owner …

GranTurismo 620 hp

The Ferrari Roma is 2+, a term that in Ferrari tradition defines a two-seater with two additional small rear seats. A real Granturismo suitable for long trips, Rome is paid by A 3.9L Bi-Turbo V8 Engine 620 HP @ 7500 RPM Combined with an 8-speed dual-clutch (dual clutch) gearbox.

The new Ferrari Roma, this is how the Dolce Vita GT behaves on the road

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