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feminine cornelier

feminine cornelier

yesterday – TQQ at Castelluccio dei Sauri: Tris 6-16-2, 2014.61 euros for 13 winners; Quarté 6-16-2-4, €7947.79 for one winner; Quinte 6-16-2-4-13, Nevada

France / 1 – In the race yesterday in Pau, he was victorious Simon Broggi (4 in 2022) with rock ‘n’ roll, and one by Antonio Orani (2), with Jovial Berry at the start.

Yesterday’s enemy/obstacles in Pau: conditioning (30,000 euros, 3,500 hedges) 6. Why? The Virgin (€19,000, 1400 m²) 9. The Passion of the Holy Still. Today gallop in Cagnes sur Mer: Handicap (22,000 €, 1,500 m²) Gardol Moon, La Flaca.

France / 2 – The starting field for the Prix du Cornulier (Group 1, 700,000 euros, 2,700 metres) became official on Sunday in Vincennes, with 10 females among the 15 rookies: 1 Hirondelle du Rib, 2 Fantaisie, 3 Florida Sport, 4 Granvillaise Bleue, 5 Et Voila de Muze, 6 Freeman de Houelle, 7 Unique Juni, 8 Gladys des Plaines, 9 Flamme du Goutier, 10 Zarenne Fas (G. Martin), 11 Bilooka du Boscail, 12 Etoile de Bruyere, 13 Feeling Cash, 14 Bahia Quisnot , 15 Bilibili.

in the picture Fantasy and Zarenne Fas nel Prix du Calvados

France / 3 – This is the updated Unibet antepost for America on Sunday 30: Face Time Bourbon 1.70, Etonnant 9.00, Delia du Pommereux 17.50, Davidson du Pont, Zacon Gio 20, Gu d’Heripre, Cokstile 22, Feydeau Seven, Hohneck 30, Rebella matters and clear wisdom Bassem 35, Diable de Fauvert 45, Power 55, Galius and Vitruvius 75.

France / 4 – Updated list of those registered for the Arqana Expert Auction to be held next week (January 26-28) on the eve of America: Helios des Champs (Az. Agr. Purlari) and Ibis de Feu (Scuderia Stecca) in Amour del Ronco and Berenice Bi (Team Minopoli) ), Vagabondo (Scuderia Fantasy), Vipera Killer Gar (Scuderia Fioredigio), and Zante Breed (Az. Agr. Purlari).

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Sweden – Yesterday’s trot at my father: Chile’s Jordan Stairloop (93,300 kronor, 2640 kronor) 8. Baroneroso play 17.1.

England / 1 – Sprint today at Southwell: Handicap (6.010 lst, m. 1200 a.m.) Mallory.

England / 2 – February Sales Catalog has been published, Mixed Tattersalls Auction scheduled for February 3rd and 4th. Thirteen horses trained by Marco Botti have been registered, nine of which belong at least in part to the Italian owners: The Conqueror (Renato Bruni & Partner), Habit Rouge (Ambrosiana Racing & Partner), Penna Rossa and La Duchesse (Scuderia Blueberry & Partner), County Wicklow (Manfredini and Partner), Dream A Little and Nushafreen (Milan Racing Club), Malorie (Les Boyer Partnership 1), Bluenose Belle (Les Boyer & Middleham Park Racing).

Qatar Yesterday in the double knot for Marco Casamento (25 wins per season), with Bolton Abbey at the junior board and the niche in handicap.

Gallup New Gallup Council elected: Nicola Casati (AGRI), Stefano Luciani and Mattia Cadrupi (ANAC), Ottavio Di Paolo (ANAG), Giorgio Guglielmi de Fulci (SIRE), Luca Manese (UIF), Antonio Viani and Francesco Forma (UPG) ).