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Father and daughter walk on the beach and make a discovery that makes history

Father and daughter walk on the beach and make a discovery that makes history

A father and his daughter were walking on the beach in this very country when they made a discovery that would mark and completely change history. Here’s what they were able to discover on what seemed like a perfectly normal day.

Father and daughter on the beach –

A man was on the beach with his young daughter when they found something truly incredible, which is what would become… Public domain Shortly thereafter. This is a truly unique discovery, and many scientists have been interested in it as well.

Father and daughter are walking on the beach and what they see is unbelievable

After the discovery of the fossil of the land predator that dominated this region of the Earth, news arrives of another amazing discovery that is difficult for many to believe. The person who found this artifact was a man who was walking on the beach with his daughter. They were located along the Blue Anchor in SomersetWhen they discovered something that is now history. We’re talking about a really huge marine reptile fossil. Before him, it was believed that he was the last greatest of all time.

It was found on Earth about 202 million years ago: we are in the Triassic period. This was a truly huge animal, reaching over 25 meters in length. This creature was first discovered in 2020, when a father and daughter saw it walking on an English beach. Coincidentally, the man was just excited Dinosaurs And also animals similar to it, which is why, upon seeing the fossil, humans immediately contacted the ichthyosaur expert, Dr. Dean Lomax.

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They discovered an ichthyosaur fossil

The expert who immediately went to the area, after excavation, realized the caliber Discovery And how it was one of, if not the largest dinosaur to ever walk the Earth. According to what scientists have revealed, the size of these ichthyosaurs will be the size of a blue whale. Apparently these particular dinosaurs were found swimming in areas close to Britain in the Triassic period.

Ichthyosaur fossil
Ichthyosaur fossil –

Until a few years ago, plesiosaurs were considered one of the heaviest marine reptiles ever known. But at this point, the discovery of an ichthyosaur fossil changes the cards on the table and rewrites history. date. Despite this, studies continue that may lead to new discoveries. Naturally, experts call on the citizens of the world to always keep their eyes open to see if at any moment they can make extraordinary discoveries that could also rewrite the history of our planet and make us discover more about the Earth we live on.