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“I’d do it again, he’s a big bully”

“I’d do it again, he’s a big bully”

Video of it Georgia Meloney He appeared before the governor of Campania Vincenzo de Luca It caused a lot of debate and a few days after the clash, the Prime Minister did not regret his gesture or his words. He underlined this Forehand and backhandThe guest of the program broadcast on Rete4, in which the FdI president reiterated his thoughts on what happened.

Meloni-de Luca, The Feminist Conflict

During the last episode Forehand and backhandBroadcast on Rete4, Giorgia Meloni underlined that she did not regret the clash with Vincenzo de Luca at Caivano: “I I would repeat it a hundred timesNot just for me, but for all women who feel free to shame.”

A “feminist” gesture according to MeloniTime is up Women are affected in this “Tiger” And sent a message to feminists: “Wake up, because these are the battles you once fought.”

A response to the fury of the left

But there was no dearth of full-throated responses to criticism from the Left, enraged by the Prime Minister’s words.

“President de Luca, that bitch Meloni,” he said, to which the FdI president replied in a pointed manner.

“Leftists pretending not to understand that I was insulted, I defended myself. Leftists who thought I didn’t need to say a word when I was insulted are now angry that I defended myself without insulting anyone.

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And the attack on the opposition is clear because the Left is in the government and the “this is the nature of people who use double standards” brings out its true nature.

Many leftists wrote to me.Well done‘ he revealed.

Meloni “Sorry for Schlein”

The Prime Minister hit back at the DM Secretary after he attacked him on air for talking about RTC and minimum wage. Ellie Schlein.

Maloney’s controversial handshake with De Luca

Maloney, in fact, recalled asking the Democratic leader to “say something” when De Luca was insulted and silenced: “I think Ellie Schlein didn’t have the courage that she had. Expected to change things, the Courage as a leader and courage as a womanBecause there is also a women’s problem here.”

A fresh attack on De Luca

There’s no shortage of new attacks during the episode Vincenzo de Luca, “A gentleman bids his day, because he has nothing better to do”.

Underscoring that women aren’t weak, so she isn’t, Meloni hits out: “The bullies are weak, the people who show up behind your back are weak, but when you face them, how are we, like I did?” See, adults don’t make them anymore.”

Photo credit: ANSA