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Exciting RIBALTONE for the weekend, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd! The news came from

Weather: Exciting pump for the weekend, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd! The news has just arrived

Weather forecast for the weekendExciting weather change is coming next weekend.
The news was confirmed by the European Center for the Weekend Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd January One is expected in Italy Mass of cold air Straight down North Pole!
The Effects, However, They are not the same for all our areas, it all depends Path It catches air currents.

In the days to come, Europe will become a genre Slide, Very cold air nodes descend From the North Pole It will dive directly into the heart of the Mediterranean. Technically, this atmospheric mechanism transfers air masses from north to south Meridian exchange And can also affect the climate of our country.

It will happen the day before Friday 21st January Before a cold, when one is running Extensive depression with a machine center in Russia, Starting from the Adriatic regions, will cause a real breakdown in our country Temperature drop.
Be careful, because fears can be created ASE effect (Adriatic ice effect): It’s about one Specific structure Meteorology Decisively cold air forms as it descends towards the Balkans, forming low pressure near the Ionian Sea, cold winds from the east / northeast, between Croatia and Bosnia, flowing across the Dinaric Alps into the Adriatic Sea.
This cold, dry air flows over the sea surface, suddenly raising the wind further “Dull” Is in the water: this mechanism creates its appearance Cumulus clouds (As we see thunderstorms in the summer) This, at high speeds, pushes our shores, especially the Adriatic beaches. Causes sudden snowfall up to coastal areas (If temperature permits).

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That is what we expect over time Saturday 22 When we do not rule out the possibility Name Up to a very low height Central and southern Adriatic regions. As the time gap is still high we cannot go into too much detail about what the cities involved will be at this time: with this being said, we do not rule out risk. Local meeting Possible extension in Molise, Puglia followed by Basilicotta and Calabria

Sunday 23 high pressure We have to return to get more space in our country, and except for the recent rains, the South, தி The sun will reappear in most areas, Although the temperature is very low, especially at night and early in the morning Values ​​are below zero In many cities in the central-north.
Finally, the risk Fogs Possibility of low clouds in the Po Valley and between Liguria and upper Tuscany (classic phenomenon) Makkah).

ASE: Adriatic ice effect.  Risk of very low altitude snowfall in the Adriatic regionASE: Adriatic ice effect. Risk of very low altitude snowfall in the Adriatic region