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English language teams leave the block

English language teams leave the block

Now it’s official, all 6 English clubs, Not just Manchester CityThey left the Premier League: Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool have left the competition. The second day of Superlega’s self-proclaimed life was extremely difficult. Other than weaning a creature, we have already moved on to the potential suppression of A new unilateral competition was created by 12 European clubs in the middle of the night between Sunday and Monday. The hypothesis is now one step away, given that there are only 6 clubs left: the three Spanish clubs (Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid) and three Italian clubs (Juventus, Inter and Milan).

It was just a few hours ago, and it seems a century has passed: Perez, Agnelli and his teammates announced to the world the dawn of a new football, which will bring wealth to all (yes, also to the rest of European football, through billions. It has pushed well the title of solidarity to the “world”), and put Limit to dominanceUEFA And his bolsa Champions League.

What the leaders of the “revolution” did not imagine is Public reaction, among fans and public opinion, is very strong in saying no to the new competition. Building feedback has been put into budget and patience If any such friendship was broken between Agnelli and Severin, Or if someone has called the organizers of the new tournament a traitor, like Angry from Cairo towards the president of Juventus and Marota.

But the touching, sincere and persistent protests from the fans, but also from the players and coaches at the highest level – like Klopp e Guardiola – Hurry up the situation and tear down the founders’ wall of convictions. Football, real, not that of bureaucrats and greedy proprietors burdened with debt due to mismanagement, has triumphed, at least across the channel.

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It is no coincidence that the English teams, where the wave of the popular uprising was the strongest, first withdrew from the reckless operation aimed at attacking wheat. It is no coincidence that today the President of the European Union addressed his words to them Alexander Severin, Who extended his hand in a “father” tone, ready to forgive: “You made a big mistake. Some say he is greed. arrogance. Or ignorance of English football. Did not matter. It is important that there is still time to come back. The English fans deserve respect“.

The extent to which Superlega operation in England has been tried as an unacceptable wound – more in full blown crisis due to the pandemic – is shown by the official memo in whichArsenal He announced that he changed his mind:We made a mistake, we apologize“.

Now, most of the match, a burning ember remained in the hands of the remaining teams: in 6 it is definitely difficult to build a new football and sell TV rights for billions …