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U.S. and EU Kidney Associations line up for Global Innovation Federation - Libero Codidiano

U.S. and EU Kidney Associations line up for Global Innovation Federation – Libero Codidiano

The World Kidney Day announcement comes ahead of a patient-led virtual global summit

Washington, April 20, 2021 / PR Newswire / – The American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP), the largest kidney disease organization in the United States today, and the European Kidney Patients Association (EKPF) and The European Kidney Health Coalition (EKHA) in a new collaboration designed to expand the role of kidney patients in policy research related to kidney research investments, more comprehensive clinical trials, faster detection and better health outcomes.

The collaborative effort will promote the Decade of AAKP’s Global Initiative for Kidney, launched in 2019-202030 to support the International Patient-led Federation to promote Kidney Disease as a Global Priority for Health and to better integrate public regulation. And fee policies, thus removing barriers to the rapid entry of therapeutic innovations into consumer markets. Internationally, Kidney Patients are equal partners in pioneering efforts in fitting prostheses and wearable kidney devices; Advanced diagnosis for diagnosis, accurate medication and new biology to slow or stop disease progression. The announcement of the AAKP, EKPF and EKHA has played an important role in the unique value of information provided by renal patients (read articles: CJSN legislation and an overview of the various components of eCJASN patient input science). Network of American and global policymakers and international experts committed to tackling the catastrophic human and social costs of kidney disease affecting more than 850 million people worldwide. Consumers with kidney disease are demanding a halt to dialysis, which, in its traditional and dated form, has surprisingly high mortality rates. These patients are joined by collaborators including academic and medical researchers, clinical trial designers, capital market inventors and investors, organizations, NGOs and sectarian organizations and government leaders. In October 2020, the EKPF issued a statement: “Patients should be involved in kidney health policy”.

Daniel Galego, President of the European Kidney Patient Association, said: “We are pleased that AAKP is on our side to support the cooperation of kidney patients around the world, giving real impetus to innovation and new therapies that will enhance the quality of life of kidney patients while helping to expand our daily operations. EKPF firmly believes that patients should be included and play an active role in the implementation of superior care. Together we can create and expand a site that is responsible for the much anticipated discovery from kidney patients. ”Galego has been doing home hemodialysis for 25 years, previously Transplant surgery was performed. In addition to the above priorities of the EKPF, Coleco highlighted the priority of safety in dialysis units and how it affected the work of the Govt-19 Epidemiology Association and brought to light questions about vaccines.

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Raymond van Holder, President of the European Kidney Health Coalition, said: “Cooperation to improve kidney treatment will truly benefit us by expanding the scope of work. We are pleased to expand our international collaboration with AAKP. An important part of this cooperation is the establishment of a political agenda at the EU level to encourage the search for genuine innovative therapies and funding to implement them. “

The activities of AAKP AAKP Global were launched in 2018 following their participation in the United Nations Political Discussion on Ethics, Aging and Future Patient Care. In 2019, AAKP announced its Global Patient Ambassador Program, in conjunction with the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, to launch the Global Virtual Summit on Kidney Disease Discovery. The summit is set to become the largest international kidney patient-led event in 2020 with more than 70 countries and 20,000 participants (read the press release), which includes thousands of patients and professionals from across the European Union.

AAKP President Richard Knight, a former dialysis patient who underwent kidney transplant surgery at the age of 14, said, “Throughout our 50-year history, AAKP has collaborated with patients, clinicians and researchers from around the world. Some of the EU’s most respected professional and renal patient organizations. Patient and patient – led networks are the main source of information and data needed for innovation leaders, and our voices, worldwide, have a growing influence among elected and appointed leaders responsible for improving patient health outcomes. ” Read History) Former US Congressman and US Congressman Black He has maintained relations with the Caucasus and has been involved in several U.S. government kidney policy initiatives.

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Paul D, a former dialysis patient undergoing kidney transplant surgery at the age of 23, is the head of AAKP Policy and Global Affairs. Conway said: “This global consortium led by kidney patients is developing a new generation of kidney therapies that will have a positive impact on policy and will extend and save the lives of patients by achieving accelerated consumer markets. In addition, the technologies under development affect patients in many countries beyond the existing infrastructure limits.” Have the potential to save lives and promote economic growth. Our goal is to transform the growing global rate of kidney disease and to make policies and policies similar to those based on the 2003 US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS (PEPFAR), which has had a very positive impact on people and economies. Conway (Read Biography), former Commander-in-Chief of the United States Department of Labor, has served under the guidance of three American presidents and is the Patient Voice Editor for the American Society of Nephrology (CJSN) Medical Journal (Read Articles Patient Voice) .N).

About the European Federation of Kidney Patients (EKPF): The European Federation of Kidney Patients is a federation of more than 25 countries representing more than 75 million kidney patients across Europe. The activities of EKPF are based on the health, well-being and career of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Most patients undergo dialysis and kidney transplant surgery, but EKPF welcomes travelers in the early stages of kidney disease, sometimes referred to as “pre-dialysis patients”. Part of the mission of the EKPF is to promote early detection of kidney disease. For more information, visit

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About the European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA): EKHA is a joint venture of partners to present solutions to the challenges of chronic kidney disease in Europe through an effective pathway aimed at providing effective prevention and adequate and accessible facilities for all. Europeans equally promote the highest quality of maintenance. The EKHA is based on the principle that the issue of kidney health and disease should be considered at the European level and that both the European Commission and the European Parliament should play a key role in assisting national governments in these challenges. For more information, visit

About the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP): Since 1969, the AAKP has been a patient-led organization that promotes political debate over the choice of kidney patient care and treatment innovations. In 1973, AAKP patients began jointly with the United States Congress and the White House to provide US-wide coverage of dialysis for anyone with kidney failure, a taxpayer effort that saved more than a million lives. In 2018, AAKP established the largest kidney disease voter registration program in the United States: Kidney Voters. Over the past decade, lifelong drug protection for kidney transplant patients (2020), AAKP patients have helped, new patient-centered policies through the White House Executive Order on Improving Kidney Health in the United States (2019), New Labor Protection for the Living Organ U.S. Department of Labor Donors (2018), and Congressional law allowing HIV-positive organ transplant surgery for HIV-positive patients (2013). Follow AAKP on social media idkidneypatient on Facebook and idkidneypatients on Twitter and visit

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