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Electronic Arts don't want ads to be inserted into console games, rejection arrives -

Electronic Arts don’t want ads to be inserted into console games, rejection arrives –

Recently, reports have surfaced that electronic arts – FIFA’s manufacturing company, Battlefield… – has signed an agreement with a TV advertising company, Simulmedia, which will allow it to use the playerWON platform to integrate it In-game advertising In console and PC games, similar to what happens in mobile games. This caused some resentment among the public, but now EA claims that Reports are incorrect.

electronic arts He told PC Gamer, “In response to incorrect reports that we’re looking at a way to introduce TV-style ads into our games, we want to make it clear that in-game ads for console games aren’t something we want. We don’t have an agreement to implement it. Better creation remains Player experience is our priority.”

This statement, as we mentioned, comes in response to reports generated after statements by Dave Madden, Executive Vice President of Games and OTT of Simulmedia, who told Axiom that the company had entered into an agreement with Electronic Arts (and other companies) regarding the playerWON platform. The agreement between the two companies is likely in place, but at the moment EA has no plans to introduce an ad platform for console games.

Finally, remember that Electronic Arts has requested that some classic titles be removed from the GOG catalog.

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