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Electric car hub billion pounds

Electric car hub billion pounds

Nissan EV36Zero It is the new revolutionary project launched by the Japanese company in the UK. At the Nissan factory Sunderland, in fact, the first production ecosystem Electric cars of the world. One of Nissan’s important projects, which included a total investment of one billion pounds. launch idea electric car hub It started with Nissan and its partners like AESC . visualization, which is the world’s leading producer of batteries and Sunderland City Council has approved the establishment of the production plant.

The goal is to create a comprehensive new zero-emission vehicle production model that can ensure Nissan reaches a milestone Total carbon neutrality. The plan announced by Nissan includes well 6200 direct and indirect jobs in the UK. who are they, 900 new jobs in Nissan e 750 in the new factory Low environmental impact of Envision-AESC batteries. The idea is to expand Nissan’s production of electric cars in the UK.

Nissan aims to announce a hub for electric cars

Nissan project, with announcement of electric vehicle center in Sunderland, will invest even 423 million pounds to produce a new generation of cars Fully electric in the UK. The clues are few, but it is clear that we can already talk about a car with an unmistakably innovative style, equipped with high efficiency and with batteries of the future generation. Cross distributed in European countries which was always served by the Nissan plant in Sunderland.

Models are currently produced in the same factory as Sunderland nissan qashqai, juke e-leaf, Most of them were 70% exported to continental Europe, 20% to the UK and the remaining 10% to other world markets, from South America to Australia, and from Nordic countries to South Africa.

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Great relief to also launch this project before British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: “An important gesture of confidence in the UK and towards our highly skilled workers in the North East”. More enthusiasm about the birth of the electric car hub as well Makoto UchidaPresident and CEO of Nissan: “This project is part of Nissan’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the lifecycle of our products.”.