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Elections, controversy over Berlusconi. Leta: ‘Evacuation notice in Calais, right’. The Cave: ‘Never Attacked Mattarella’ – Politics

The dream of a president directly elected by ItaliansAnd not from the parliament, Silvio Berlusconi is again in the game at 8 am: “I believe that the constitutional reform of the president will happen”, he admits to Radio Capital. This prompts the resignation of Sergio Mattarella, as a necessary step if the reform is passed. Not excluding that Mattarella could go back to goal if he gets more votes from the citizens. But after a month of politics, it’s like touching fire for the Forza Italia boss.

The fuse explodes immediately, separating the sides sharply. Danger if centre-left issues red alert for constitution Knight’s allies are in a dilemma Perhaps for periods conditioned by irrational tones and electoral competition about the head of state. Indeed, center-right presidentialism is nothing new. Not for FI betting on reform since 95, recalls Berlusconi himself. For Giorgia Meloni, a proud supporter of the ‘president of the Italians’, he finally manages to check the coalition plan and put it in writing on the third point (but “as a pledge of the direct election of the president” of the Republic”). Nevertheless, today only Maurizio Lupi di Noi, ex-Azzurri with his party and Italy, has rejected the Cavalier’s expulsion. exposed to defend. On the other hand, there is peace between the big names of Lega and Fratelli d’Italia. Apart from Meloni, he affirms the usefulness of the reform defined as “radical and economic” because “thanks to stability can give confidence to investors”. Nothing else. Ignazio La Russa, senator of the FdI More prudent: “I don’t want to argue with Berlusconi, but I think it is premature to discuss Mattarella’s issue today”.
But the reactions didn’t stop there. And they are irritated by the government’s commentary on the third allegation. “Our President of the Republic has a term of seven years – recalls the President of the Chamber, Roberto Figo – someone must create a reason and not drag the companies to the electoral campaign”. Until the crescendo of love: “Presidentialism and differentiated autonomy, the result of the Meloni-Salvini-Berlusconi agreement, undermine the constitution”, denounces Gianfranco Pagliarulo, the number one of the partisans, who prophesies about the “disintegration of national unity”.

Among politicians, Enrico Letta is the first to openly grieveSpeaking almost simultaneously with Berlusconi on radio, the Dems slammed the secretary, saying it “shows that the franchise is dangerous to the country”. In the afternoon he adds a part to the reconstruction: “It is the right that wants to smash the system, because, after Draghi has brought down the government, it is an eviction notice”, he explains to the press. As far as paraphrasing Knight’s words as “an apparent self-candidate” for the Quirinale. Berlusconi denies it outright, going on the radio: “Let’s talk about things now.” However, ‘Gaimano’ – as Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian left calls it again – did not convince the rivals. It doesn’t, even with widespread clarification a few hours later: “I never attacked President MattarellaNor did I ever ask for his resignation “, he recorded. Then the defense:” I only said something clear and obvious, that is, once the constitutional reform of the president is approved, the resignation of the head of state Mattarella will be necessary before the direct election of a new one “. Useless for Letta, on the contrary” he To confirm what was said and what he meant” and for the presidency of Italy” is a deep mistake “.

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Corporation deposits election symbol. Calderoli: ‘Berlusconi declaration? It won’t happen”

Luigi Di Maio is also not very subtle: “Now we understand that he wants to run a presidency to topple Mattarella – he is attacking K – there is nothing moderate about it. The center-right mask is exposed, it is not. It is not even good that they have the guarantee of the Constitution. The leader of the 5-Star Movement He uses the same metaphor of the “mask”: for Giuseppe Conte, the center-right “reforms that present a simple sharing agreement: Giorgia Meloni Premier, Matteo Salvini Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior “. And he concludes: “We will not allow the institutions to bow to the fanatical logic of the right-wing forces”. The most transcendent is Carlo’s tweet, bordering on grace Calenda: “I don’t think Berlusconi has much in him”. And he advises him: “It is not Mattarella who should resign, but you should not be elected”.