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10 Internship in Corso Como?  "Small money and a lot of humiliation", the story of a coach after accusations against young people by entrepreneurial Fasti

10 Internship in Corso Como? “Small money and a lot of humiliation”, the story of a coach after accusations against young people by entrepreneurial Fasti

“They are extraordinary comrades and I owe them my success.” Bergamo fashion entrepreneur Tiziana Fasti, owner of the 10 Corso Como boutique in Milan, said after the avalanche of controversy that has plagued her in recent days. Fausti was I scolded For the fact that today’s youth have no desire to work and ask for many guarantees. She chose to speak according to the story of a coach OpenHowever, the one who accepts the challenge and decides to work with her, gets very little in return. With the contract he showed us, for a 40-hour internship a week for 6 months, which would have been the least training, Julia (name fiction) was paid 500 euros a month. It is only the beginning of an experience that he defines as “shame”.

Coach by name, really worker

Says Giulia, a fashion graduate Open 10 Corzo responded to a job advertisement on the Como website, and after an interview with Fastie, the offer turned into an internship, which Julia accepted because “if someone points out that I’m still inexperienced, they want to do it. Say he’s coaching me too”, this is what an internship should be for. .Things – Julia explains – did not go like this: “I was immediately put to work like everyone else with no one to follow me and train me.” I no longer have my reference figure. Giulia says she worked full-time like all other employees, but without adequate pay, without commissions on sales, and without the right to move on her leisure days.

“I could not go to see my father who was suffering from lung cancer”

Before the shifts were decided “I asked the new store manager to give me a holiday on Monday […] I was already on holiday on Sunday, so I get two consecutive days off to go home with my family. He gave me a holiday on Monday, but no one knows why he decided to change the next day to Saturday. With two consecutive days off, Giulia could not even leave to see her father, who was “suffering from lung cancer”. Open 10 Corso Como and Tiziana Fausti have been contacted for a reply, but no response is currently available.

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A humiliating experience

“I haven’t been able to pay rent for three months,” Giulia always says Open. She had to be run by friends, and the internship at one of Corso Como’s most popular stores turned out to be a “very humiliating and traumatic” experience that led her to “abandon the fashion world” and teach that “never accept”. Again such deals. Giulia interrupted the internship in advance and returned home to her family. Now works as an elementary school teacher.

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