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Election results in Bologna

Election results in Bologna

Central Left candidate Matteo Lepor will be Bologna’s next mayor: Won the first round Against center-right candidate Fabio Battistini, the biggest advantage predicted by pre-poll polls. Predictions now do not allow for uncertainty and give LeBron 60 percent, while Batistini will reach 30 percent. Bologna is not one of the center-right target cities, but it has had lower-than-expected results in many regional capitals, especially Milan, Naples and Turin.

Lepor was backed by a 5 star movement. Other key candidates are Marta Kolot for Poder Al Bopolo and Dora Palumbo for the United Left, which did not reach 5 percent. The firm vote was 51.16, 59.66 in 2o16.

Lepor, 41, was councilor for the economy on the first council of outgoing mayor Virginio Merola and for second culture, and worked long hours in public administration and politics with the Democrats. His election campaign, participation, started with some difficulties a year ago, but once faced some obstacles while running it, in fact pre-election polls gave him a huge advantage. In these elections he was supported by several movements, including the Sardines, in addition to the M5S.

After the polls closed, while the polls were in progress, Lepur Went to the masses To celebrate Bologna Patron Saint’s Day in the Basilica of San Petronio, actually San Petronio. Outgoing mayor Merola was also present.

Batistini was also supported by 64-year-old entrepreneurs close to the Catholic world and the entire center-right, which is why he was considered a real challenge to Labor. But he was already given a lot of disadvantages during the election campaign.

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Given the very obvious scenario of the vote, the city’s only question has sparked the election campaign a bit. There was great work to be done. The ploy adopted by Pattistini to reduce the defect was to attract attention by making chaotic plans such as removing all speed cameras from the territory of the municipality.

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