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Driving license points, do you really know how many you have?  You may have bad surprises  Here's how to verify with one click

Driving license points, do you really know how many you have? You may have bad surprises Here's how to verify with one click

License points, are you sure you have enough? Check now

Are you really sure you know how many points you have on your licence? You might be in for a nasty surprise, check now with just one click.

Many of us travel the streets unaware of how many license points we have available. 20 pips sounds like a lot, however By accumulating many small irregularities you lose them quickly.

It often happens that motorists They end up with a few points without even realizing it I am at risk of having my license revoked. In these cases, it takes very little to clear the amount.

The risk is very high, because we do not always remember all the violations committed and therefore We don't really know how much our points are. Over the years we may have received small warnings about a point or two on our license and not noticed it, but suddenly we have very few points left.

Fortunately, there is a very quick way to check how many points we have and adapt our driving style accordingly. Check immediately because you may have too few and high risk.

When points are deducted

The Highway Code states that in many cases motorists have to say goodbye to the points on their licence. This usually happens when you exceed the speed limit by more than 10 km/h or if you perform very dangerous maneuvers such as driving against traffic. The law stipulates that points will be deducted even in the case of dangerous overtaking or driving on emergency lanes. Obviously, points are also deducted if you are caught driving while drunk.

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Then there is a whole series of seemingly trivial cases, violations that we commit almost every day, and for which points are deducted from our license. Be careful because you may not remember making some small mistakes and thus losing points. If you want to make sure, Better check how many people you have.

Driving license points
Pay attention to the violations and points on your license

Check the points on your license

Checking the number of points on your driving license is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises. It's hard to take into account how many people are left, but fortunately There are some very simple alternatives to avoid stupor. You can actually call the toll-free number 848 872 872 to find out how many points you have remaining, but there is also a much simpler way of browsing the driver portal.

This government-run website allows you to check your driver's license point balance in just minutes. Simply enter your name, surname and driver's license number to immediately know how many points we have and therefore how careful we need to be. There are also smartphone apps that allow you to perform the same check, but it is always recommended to rely only on official sources to confirm information. what are you waiting for? Check the points on your license instantly with one click to sleep soundly.