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Bayern Munich and Tuchel face the risk of dismissal: Hours of thought and the names of the substitutes are ready |  Primabagina

Bayern Munich and Tuchel face the risk of dismissal: Hours of thought and the names of the substitutes are ready | Primabagina

Again, another. After the heavy defeat at Bayer Leverkusen Stadium (0-3), which cost Aspirin to escape to the top of the German League table with a significant +5 margin over the defending champion, And here Bayern Munich loses again. 1-0 at the Stadio Olimpico, which Immobile lost from a penalty kick allowing Lazio to win the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. After 11 seasons, Bayern lost the first leg of the knockout round in Europe's most important tournament. A 10th defeat in 43 games – half as much as Nagelsmann played on the bench at Bayern – for Tuchel. The defeat was even more bitter, as in this match he did not shoot a single shot on goal. Now the German coach is really in danger of being sacked.

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advertisement Amazon Prime Video“We had a good first half, we played, and we had excellent chances. We didn't believe it in the second half, we lost brilliance and focus, and we committed many mistakes. Then the red card, which came for nothing. We did that.” Everything to lose this match, was in our hands. We stopped believing it. Many individual mistakes…but I am not worried about my future. no“.

Enhanced goals – After winning the German League in a final match against Borussia Dortmund, nothing but disappointments arrived for the Bavarians. Defeat at the hands of Leipzig in the Super Cup final in August, exit from the German Cup at the hands of Saarbrücken – a third-tier club – and now failure against Lazio in the Champions League, which could lead to a dramatic elimination. . Thus, the seasonal goals are disappearing one by one. The big-eared trophy is Tuchel's only hope of staying on the bench at Bayern next year, but from what we saw on the green grass of the Olimpico, the team seems to have given up on him: no reaction, just a huge feeling of malaise, nervousness. Will he have the chance to make up for it at the Allianz Arena when he returns?

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There is an idea – german press, Bild First of all, the title “red alert”. As the situation is delicate and dangerous, Tuchel is increasingly on edge. Given the results obtained, it can be considered that the Bavarian administration may shake up the environment during the next few days. From Bavaria, they have two potential bids in mind for the succession: The first is a hypothesis that comes directly to a former Serie A player: Jose Mourinho.He was sacked by Roma on January 16 after the defeat to Milan, and he even started taking a German language course in recent weeks. The Bundesliga remains one of the few leagues among the top 5 in Europe that Special One has yet to face and win in his career. But it is unlikely that he will be able to take over the team during the current season. It is easier for Hansi Flick to return, is still under contract with Bayern Munich. Or there is a third hypothesis: an internal worker who can lead the team and try to finish the season in the best way possible, before starting to plan again from next year. These are hours of extreme tension at Bayern, hot hours. Tuchel is at a crossroads: final confirmation or early farewell? Reflections on progress.