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Doctors, here are all the reasons for the strike

Doctors, here are all the reasons for the strike

From heroes of recent, dramatic pandemics to pension numbers. As with a treacherous paradox, some major reductions should also apply. In this “opinion” today, all over Italy, 24 hours a day, together with nurses, the Anavo-Assomat and Cimo-Fesmed unions and the nursing sector are complaining, in a sensational strike called by the doctors crossing their arms 24 hours a day. With Nursing Up, other acronyms were added.

So today, for health care, promises to be a black day: according to predictions, participation will be huge and 1.5 million visits, tests and interventions may be missed. But the struggle will not end today. In fact, a new strike is planned for the 18th, which has been decided by other unions of the medical interunion. Meanwhile, the government and parties are trying to resolve the issue of planned cuts in pensions of the sector. We hope to be able to table the amendments to the maneuver “within this week”, says Luca Siriani, Minister for Parliamentary Relations at the end of the meeting with the majority and the opposition, who “just spoke” Giorgetti”, and explained that, including the changes related to doctors, are still “in progress”. The pensions of health workers And an amendment to the Sedition Act has been on the table for weeks now, providing for a crackdown on a series of other categories, including employees of local authorities, teachers and bailiffs. Adults will certainly be exempted from punishment, but a solution for seniors is also being sought.

Today’s demonstration will be under the slogan “Save the NHS”. Emergency services are guaranteed, for example the operation of the emergency room and 118 and interventions for childbirth. However, all services are at risk, including laboratory tests, surgical procedures (about 30 thousand planned ones may be postponed), specialist visits (180 thousand) and X-ray tests (50 thousand). During the strike, demonstrations will take place across Italy, while union leaders will participate in a sit-in in Rome. “Unity” and “proximity” also come from Filippo Anelli, President of the Medical Associations (Fnomceo). At least six reasons for opposition: hiring workers, tax relief for part of the salary, sufficient resources to renew employment contracts, decriminalizing the Medicaid Act, repealing pension cuts and identifying an autonomous contract area for nurses. The government is asking Anao Azom to “withdraw this budget bill and protect health professionals”. Starting from the transfer of allocated economic resources. As a first step, the unions are demanding that the budget allocated for overtime work of around 200 million health workers should also be used for the salaries of doctors and health workers to eliminate the waiting list. 600 million designed for connected private healthcare.

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In short, concrete steps are needed. Anao Azomet sends a message to Prime Minister Georgia Meloni: “To date the Prime Minister has not called us. If you intend to continue talking only to confederated unions and not to “insiders”, don’t be surprised if we take to the streets.” Shortage of personnel (currently 30 thousand hospital doctors and 65 thousand nurses are missing; and by 2025 more than 40 thousand will be missing. Doctors and health workers will retire), unattractive salaries and burdensome working conditions. Due to the same reasons, doctors from AROI-IMAG, FACID (National Union of Radiology), FVM (Confederation of Veterinary Surgeons and Doctors) and CISL will also go on strike on 18th.