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Do you use this password?  Be careful, now there is a law prohibiting this

Do you use this password? Be careful, now there is a law prohibiting this

Do you use this password for your personal accounts? Be careful, now there is a law prohibiting this. Let’s find out all the details and why this seemingly unusual decision was reached. But there is a reason.

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The problem of weak and dangerous passwords that can end up in your crosshairs hacker Being able to identify them is really very dangerous. And also because many users often underestimate the seriousness of the situation by setting some things that are really easy to track, thus putting themselves at risk Personal and sensitive data Which could end up in the wrong hands. There’s been talk about password security for years now.

Now it seems that the time has come to provide a concrete solution to this menace, taking into account the reports of identity theft on the web, but above all Fraud operations against users Who also in some cases lost large sums of their money Bank accounts. For this reason, regulatory authorities take important precautionary measures to contain any risk.

What password should you always avoid: One of them will be blocked

In a world that is now increasingly digital, it has become a topic IT security It seems to be of fundamental importance, also for the personal habits of users. Which unfortunately still seems too superficial for a topic of such fundamental importance as personal passwords. In fact, recent studies and analyzes have shown that the password 12345 It is still frequently used, and is the easiest for hackers to identify.

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In this regard in Great Britain Historical action has been taken that will lead to the final ban of this password as well as many others, such as this password for example 00000 Or other similar. In short, through a government decree we are trying to put an end to the negligence of users who, for fear of losing their password, end up using very weak passwords. Other countries are also likely to move in this direction.

It also provides useful information to prevent other problems later Loss of personal data. The first tip to follow when choosing a password is: Always avoid personal contacts Such as name, surname, or dates of birth. After 12345 and the like, in fact, hackers always breach those with personal contents that can be easily encrypted (Here we talked about the dangerous SMS scam).

How to choose a secure password

To have a secure password, we always recommend choosing one Very longMaybe so An alternative to uppercase and lowercase letters Let it be AlphanumericThat is, they contain numbers and letters with no logical connection that can then be discovered. Another essential tool is two-factor authentication, a method often used by banking institutions (We have warned you here about the phone number scam).

Which provides a completely secure password and authentication using a code that arrives via text message or email on another device for greater security when logging in.

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