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Ditch via Della Magliana: The stretch of road is closed

Ditch via Della Magliana: The stretch of road is closed

A crater more than 5 meters deep. The images coming through the Della Magliana – as the pipe broke – a huge hole opened up, speak for themselves. The failure, which occurred on the evening of Thursday, December 15, led to the asphalt leading in front of a motorist in traffic, who managed to stop before ending up in his car. Then call the rescuers.

Excavations took place at street number 763 in the area of ​​Magliana Vecchia between Tor di Valle and Muratella. Local police and firefighters rushed to the scene. So at 10.33pm the road was closed through Fosso della Magliana and del Vigne.

“The chasm opened yesterday at 20 pm via della Magliana (between Delle Vigne and Fosso della Magliana – “Carvone”) – Arvalia Town Hall Councilor Marco Palma writes -. Possible failure of the water network. The road is closed and confusion in the surroundings. The hole is 5 to 7 meters deep. .Asia Teams on the site”.

Magliana under attack

Via della Magliana, but not only. According to Marco Palma, Councilor of the Municipality of Arvalia: “Road maintenance responsible for the Simu tragedy: the Councilor for Public Works of the Gualtieri Council has resigned. In front of the ditch, if the water failure is confirmed, nothing new: near the tragedy. If it were not for a well-intentioned motorist who stopped the traffic at 8 last night, a tragedy We would have talked about, fortunately it was avoided, but luck cannot replace the planning and maintenance of the water network that I have. It has been asked for years and it has been systematically ignored, up to this magnitude of breaks, which cause inconvenience in terms of movement”.

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“I received the first photos this morning from Mr. Carlo Bruni, who works a few steps from the ditch, and who informed me of the first actions taken, including the gesture of the motorist whom I would like to personally thank – continues Vice President XI Town Hall Council – and since then I have always been via della Magliana I went up to Kira and Ponte Galeria, where I had to find a very dangerous condition that could not be defined by the road, about 30 high-risk holes that broke a lot of wheels and rims. This morning I found Jack still stopped”.

“Today I sent a very urgent letter to SIMU and the General Command of the local police asking for a decisive intervention in the matter of road safety with an urgent question of assistance. SIMU suffers from lack of planning and in some cases the lack of maintenance of the capital of Rome. The resignation of the councilor for public works of the Gualtieri will not solve the problem today, But until proven, will avoid tomorrow’s problems. This approximation and lack of management also includes the use of local police to guard loopholes: today in XI it happened via Isacco Newton and via della Magliana”.