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Dieselgate, the verdict has arrived.  Volkswagen will compensate 63,000 Italian customers

Dieselgate, the verdict has arrived. Volkswagen will compensate 63,000 Italian customers

Volkswagen will have to compensate Italian customers affected by dieseljet. Indeed, five years after the scandal broke out over “damaged” diesel engines working class It was launched in 2017 by Altroconsumo in Italy and also implemented by the European network Euroconsumers (Test-Achats in Belgium, OCU in Spain, DECO Protests in Portugal) received today Rule positive over 63 thousand concerned citizens.

The German company was actually considered Administrator Unfair business practices. This is, precisely, to be installed on EA189 A . engines software Forbidden to be allowed to demolish emissions of nitric oxide above Exam for approval.

So Volkswagen will have to Rewards Each of the customers has financial and immaterial damages in a total value 3.300 EUR In addition to the interest, the figure is halved for those who bought or resold a used car between August 2009 and September 2015

Company invoice approx 208 million in euros, which expenses Legal and advertising. Those who are entitled to compensation will be contacted in the coming days by the same association, which rejoices: “As Altroconsumo, we believed strongly in this collective action that has succeeded in bringing together more than 70,000 people in Italy. Almost 90% of them were accepted by The court is in dismissal, and now, despite all the difficulties, the complexity and the length of the proceedings, they will be able to get fair compensation from Volkswagen. After American, German and Spanish consumers, after 5 years of waiting, it is finally time for the Italians to get justice,” he said through a director Foreign affairs. Federico Cavallo.

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