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Very humiliated – time


Kiata Oriccio

Massimo Kachchiari Rejects the past and the present Democratic Party: L ‘Vaccination duty Proposed Enrico Letta Impossible, while Matteo Renzi “A poor thing, Decisive one, a favorite of half Italians, The ddl John“Then he dismisses Berlusconi and Tracy in the Guernsey. In an interview with the Venetian philosopher and former mayor, Reiterated that the current Secretary of the Democratic Party, Lotta, is opposed to the vaccine duty he supports: No. “A topic that always sent him into a frenzy: a month ago he caused a rage to the giver The last half of eight, Lily Grooper asked him if he had been vaccinated: “Would this be my business ?!”.

The answer given by the leader of the Italian Viva and former Democrat number one, Matteo Renzi, was decisive without votes, but decisive in the fall of the Conte government and now in the John Bill: “But it is a decisive, sinful object. Determining something that is not of interest to half Italians like John Law? But for the sake of heaven. I do not think it is decisive in any way about the basic choices that the government is going to make or take. According to the Conte government, it is no longer standing and can not manage the recovery plan. (R). Renzi tries to be as outspoken as everyone else, but Tracy and his staff work on fundamental issues and decide everything for themselves. ”

Massimo Kassiari also eases the government’s stumbling block: “Materella took them and said, ‘Children, you have European money, you need to know how to spend it. Conclusion “. However, Enrico Letta and Massimo Kachieri have one thing in common: Mario Tracy was stopped at the Guernsey:” Berlusconi’s candidacy is ridiculous. I hope they will find out, but I find it very difficult, if Matterella does not accept the call from many ”.

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