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Documents destroyed: Use from Kabul.  And Connie ran away

Documents destroyed: Use from Kabul. And Connie ran away

These are dramatic hours in the officesUS Embassy In Kabul. Since the first order to destroy important documents arrived Friday, work has been hectic. And fears of the Taliban’s arrival began to spread through the corridors of a building, which was not only a diplomatic representation, but a symbol. The embassy in Tehran was in Saigon during the Khomeini Revolution or in 1975. Helicopters arrived at dawn, while some staff had already left the building at night. airport.

Taliban press as Ghani leaves the country

According to Cnn, Evacuation activities are expected to be completed by Tuesday. Salmai Khalilzad, Afghanistan’s special envoy, is said to have asked the Taliban to refrain from entering Kabul until all US citizens have been expelled. For now, the gorillas seem to have accepted the deal. The “Quranic students” were not interested in entering the capital at the risk of attacking an American citizen. Now they have victory in their hands: to make such a mistake is to unleash the battalions of the Marines. Accept To protect the public during evictions. Now the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, Left the country for Tajikistan (and perhaps with the ultimate goal in Russia), everything seems to be planned towards the victory of the forces Taliban.

Procedures for closing the embassy

For the United States, this is not just about closing a diplomatic mission. The Embassy in Kabul has been the heart of American politics for twenty years Afghanistan And an important intelligence center. Thousands of people were here, including Afghans and Americans who worked diligently with the local government, the Pentagon and the US administration. Documents on the servers and shelves of that place place a high priority on national security. Washington does not want to make the mistake it did Tehran In 1979: For this reason the authorities immediately implemented the destruction of all documents, sheets, files, all important materials, anything that could be “used by the campaign”. According to Axes, Even computer desktops should be cleaned immediately. In conjunction with the embassy, ​​the same procedures apply to the ambassador’s home, where employees, the military and journalists usually visit.

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Next 72 oreAll embassy staff can leave Afghanistan. The eviction plan involved first leaving offices, then embassy staff, then US citizens were invited to leave the country and finally people with a special visa (CH). The last to be evicted were the embassy security service and the ambassador’s men. At that point, if all is confirmed, the military will lower the U.S. flag and hand it over to the ambassador on the orders of the State Department. His job is to protect her and take her to a safe place or send her directly back to the United States.