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Dear Mattarella, what do you say?  We pay taxes in vain

Dear Mattarella, what do you say? We pay taxes in vain

the Speech Mattarella It was a “call to responsibility.” But what does that mean? What was he to do – an appeal to irresponsibility? For example, I have not seen anyone make a senseless plea to go 300 km / h per hour by car.

I’m talking about cars specifically because the interest in driving was one of the topics I covered President of the Republic. Another theme of Mattarella’s speech was the need for it to pay taxes To make Italy work. Here’s the ass. This notion that taxes must be paid to make Italy work, is dealt with wittily today by Newspaperbut I would have been more radical.

Let’s stop this nonsense: we pay taxes Not to make Italy work. You got it right: we pay taxes to keep Italy from working. I would like the President of the Republic to say that despite spending 1100 billion in public spending (funded by our taxes), you still have to wait 3 years to get a CAT check, 3 years to get a trial judgment and they don’t defend themselves until the state borders.

Adam Smith said in 1779, in his essay The Wealth of Nations, that “the State ought to concern itself with justice” (and we deal with shit), “with security” (and we deal with nonsense) “and those public works which private individuals cannot do” (and it takes ten years to do so).

In short, enough This tax letter needed to make Italy work. Even if there are no more evaders and an extra 75 billion euros are paid each year (because this is impossible because every country has its own evaders), do you really think that you should wait less for TACs and that justice will work better?

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Nicola Burrow, January 2, 2023