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Daylight saving time, the final cancellation of the exchange also in Italy, that’s when »

Weather: daylight saving time, the final cancellation of the exchange also in Italy, this is the time

Daylight saving time change, we tell you if for the last timeIn a few weeks, exactly Starts on Sunday, March 26, 2022, summer when that We will have to move the hands forward by one hour. Although this year This may be the last time in ItalyIndeed, soon there may be a change in EPOCAL’s management of schedules across Europe. Let’s see what it is about.

Recently there has been a lot of debate at the European level about the possible Cancellation with the change of time Public consultations (France and Germany in particular) and legislative proposals in the European Commission on the possibility Eliminate time change. The proposal is to leave the possibility for each EU country to choose whether to continue using solar time or daylight saving time. The dispute is very heated, especially between the countries of the north and south, as the hours of the day depend on latitude They change dramatically. For example, in Stockholm (Sweden) the sun sets at 22:06 in June, while in Rome it sets at 20:48. This translates to different costs for building lighting and other services. Added to this are the physical inconveniences caused by the lack of hours of rest: insomnia, stress, etc. At the moment, no e . subscriber line has been found The idea of ​​ending the dual time system has been postponed If no further changes or consultations are made.

at ItaliaGiven the location of our country, The advantage derived from the time change is relevant from an economic point of view (more sunlight = less electricity consumption for lighting) and from an environmental point of view. According to data from Terna (Director of Electricity Services), the reduction in electricity consumption in Italy due to the summer was equal to 9 billion and 100 million kWh, which is the same annual electricity used by a region such as Sardinia. This allowed citizens to save about 1 billion 545 million euros. All this then translates to Reduced carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere from energy production Thus a partial reduction of the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change.

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The situation at the moment is still a matter of debate and a matter of conflict. For this year, everything is ready with the watch in hand, Daylight saving time will come into effect on Sunday 26 March and end on Sunday 30 October 2022, when we will once again have to get our hands on the clock…