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Italy Weather - This is official, with the Arctic Lunch bringing plenty of rain north and beyond at the end of the month.  Here's how «3B Meteo

Italy Weather – This is official, with the Arctic Lunch bringing plenty of rain north and beyond at the end of the month. Here’s how «3B Meteo

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Confirmed the arrival of heavy rain – Now there is no doubt, weather evolution The end of March is the beginning of April Confirmed by key mathematical models, it will only be possible to define some details in a general context that will eventually see the return of heavy rainfall in the North and beyond. The entire peninsula will be affected by significant instability The chaos is caused by the deepening of the Arctic crater that pushes from the Scandinavian Peninsula Cold winds to Western Europe Encourages a great deal of creation Depression in many depressions. Perhaps the main low formed between France and England, but in the Mediterranean, there is an important minimum in the Tyrrhenian region. This will be the latter, which will enable the interruption notification Lots of rain in Italy.

Evolution – Then The rest is instability At the beginning of the week Caused by removal African SpiralPressure will begin to ease due to the arrival of Western Europe Cold Scandinavian currentsThe orientation of these currents towards the west is favorable for the onset of a Anticyclonic promontory of African descent That will rise Wednesday Towards the Mediterranean, our investment Southern Regions Where we need one Temporary and significant increase in temperature. When Plenty of rain And i Temporary They will begin to affect the central-northern regions, reaching partly Campania. To be continued The pressure will ease further from Thursday And Sacadura will embrace the entire peninsula and bring abundant rainfall almost everywhere Even a sharp drop in temperature Below 1000-1200 meters in the Alps and central-northern Abyssinian mountains the snowfall is favorable for recurrence. The instability is expected to last until Saturday, April 2nd The details should be defined and then lead to a new phase of high pressure, but this may not last long due to the depth of a new bag in the west. Always follow our updates.

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