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Conflict with Roy in the John Bill: From Letta to de Mayo, here is the man who sided with Fedos

Conflict with Roy in the John Bill: From Letta to de Mayo, here is the man who sided with Fedos

De Mio: “In a democracy, there is no censorship” Solidarity with FedEx also comes from Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo, who speaks of the rapper as “a person who always has his heart in everything he does. Every artist should have the opportunity to perform freely, to express his or her own ideas and art. Music is about people and our community.” Something deeper that often allows for understanding and coping. “

According to De Mio, “Music is freedom, it transmits emotions and helps us to understand, analyze and mature. I think respect is the most important thing, it is the foundation of everything, it means knowing how to accept different criticisms and opinions from us. A democratic country can accept any kind of censorship. Can not “.

Conde: “I am with FedEx, no censorship” “I’m with FedEx. No censorship,” was former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s tweet in support of the rapper.

Gingerbread: “Quotes from FedEx League” Nicola Zingretti, a former Democrat and leader of the Lazio region, also sided with the rapper: “He quoted phrases and expressions from some politicians in the Fed League. So Gingerretti recalled, “Humans are attacked, they are only hurt for what they are. It should be natural to recognize a law that protects them. This is John’s law, it must be recognized.”

Salvini: “Let’s have a coffee” After the concert, the president of the league, Matteo Salvini, had already responded to Fedes on Facebook: “I love freedom. I love music, art, smiles. I love and protect the freedom to think, write and speak.” Everyone can love whomever he wants, as much as he wants, as much as he wants. Moreover, whoever discriminates or attacks should be punished as predicted by law. It is already like this, fortunately., A Christian or a Buddhist, a young or old person, is imprisoned for up to 16 years. It’s like this already. I invite FedEx to quietly have a coffee and talk about freedom and rights. “

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