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Collected in American cargo: Identity photo of fleeing refugees

Collected in American cargo: Identity photo of fleeing refugees

The C-17 military cargo plane took off with 640 refugees rescued in Qatar on the day of the US airstrikes on Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

What happened

This is exactly what was announced by the site Security one He also posted photos of many people sitting on the ground during the flight last Sunday, mostly young people, but also women, the elderly and children inside the plane. According to Reconstruction According to some sources, the C-17 must have been highly loaded but the Afghans were allowed to leave and waited for their turn, able to enter through the plane’s half-open tailgate. Instead of the military intervening to evacuate people who should not be on board the C-17, “The group decided to leave“Evidence again underscores that this type of cargo plane is believed to have carried the largest number of people ever.”About 640 Afghan civilians landed when the plane reached its destination“, Sources say, corrected previous reports of 800 refugees being taken aboard the C-17.

Block all departing flights

Only 640 refugees fled the country on a “lucky” flight as the U.S. military temporarily halted all flights departing from Kabul International Airport on Monday. There Results It came after a departing C-17 transport plane was chased by a mob on the runway, and unidentified gunmen shot dead U.S. troops twice at the airport. Air traffic resumed on the military side of the airport late Monday, allowing several military planes to land, although the civilian side was closed. “No aircraft, military or civilians coming or going, this is on the south side of the land, as there are still more people on the asphalt as the public side of the groundPentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby said before restoring order enough for US troops to operate the planes.

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Until now, the Taliban have not attacked the airport even though their forces have entered other government facilities in the capital. General Frank McKenzie, the head of the US Central Command, held direct talks with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar. “He published Warning It is very clear and vague that any attack on our actions and our people will face a powerful response“When the planes take off, the United States will be able to rescue 5,000 people a day. The military will also increase the capacity to accommodate 22,000 special visa applicants for Afghan immigrants and their families.

Corpse among refugees

The remains of a man were found inside the bogie of a U.S. Air Force C-17, one of the transport planes that helped evacuate Afghan civilians fleeing Kabul following the Taliban’s seizure of power. It was reported Washington Post Citing two local sources who asked to be anonymous. The Corpse It may be stuck in the departure stages. The crew will declare an emergency as the landing gear will not rise immediately. Then the lifeless body was discovered.