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Cambiamenti climatici: è tutta colpa dell

Climate change, is it really all human fault? Here’s what scientists say »

Weather: Climate Change, Is It Really All Humans Fault? This is what the scientists say

Climate change: it’s all man’s faultIn recent years, it has been the topic of Climate change It is increasingly localized, as Increasingly extreme weather phenomena involving a large part of the world, Italy included. there Error Is it really all about the guy? This is what the scientists say to about.

The main reason of rising temperatures, especially in recent decades, It is the huge amount of aerosols and greenhouse gases, especially the famous carbon dioxide, which is produced by human activities. These emissions mainly stem from The combustion of non-renewable energies: oil and coal. This was stated by 99% of scientists around the world in the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). There is no longer any doubt So on the seriousness of the problem and need work To contain rising temperatures and adapt to the new climate.

In fact, according to the latest research Sea levels are bound to rise, Critically affecting the existence of millions of people who live along the coasts. Moreover, severe droughts or flood events are already creating so-called “Climate refugeesEntire populations have been forced to leave their homes due to changes in the climate.

An increase in temperature also increases water evaporation of oceans and seas. This means that there is a higher concentration of moisture in the atmosphere and therefore Increases the risk of extreme events such as hurricanes or floods in some regions of the planet; On top of that I’m disappearing on our mountains glaciersA precious source of water and invaluable natural wealth. This is it The most tangible sign of historical change At the climatic and environmental level we are witnessing.

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