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Chrysanti achieved and 40 scholars wrote a letter in his defense: "Dangerous precedent against the freedom of scientific inquiry."

Chrysanti achieved and 40 scholars wrote a letter in his defense: “Dangerous precedent against the freedom of scientific inquiry.”

a message from 40 scientistsFirst signed professor Silvio GaratiniDean of Pharmacology, in defense and in support Andrea CresanteInvestigation A. Padua for every libel Then Zero company (Operating arm from Veneto region On health) Send the document to the judiciary. If the complaint is related to the freedom of the professor. Chrysanthemum to openly discuss his notes – written in the text – we think the same might pose Dangerous precedent The opponent’s Freedom of scientific research We offer our support to Crisanti. ”“ We do not know the exact terms of the complaint – explained by 40 scientists, some members 2023 group – But from what we learn, it will be there in the center of the question Anticipation of the results And conclusions of a study by Professor Chrysanti and his collaborators on the effectiveness of rapid swabs, available in the preprint stage. “

A study in which a microbiologist from the University of Padua sheds light on how to do this I am testing the antigen A high proportion (about 30%) of samples collected in Veneto between September and October 2020 were performed False negatives. In the same work, the authors indicate that in Veneto, around that period, there was a significant increase in cases of coronavirus infection, especially in RsaOn this basis, Crisanti – they assert – did It is not recommended to use Gods Antigen test As the great tendency of these devices to present false negatives may have contributed to the spread of the virus. Crisanti’s thesis falls within the normal scientific practice of formulating a Working premise And this way Can be verifiedOr, it can be denied, through other studies. ”Among the signatories to the letter is Garatini, Giuseppe MingioneAnd the Gabriel GhiselliniAnd the Antonella MoraroAnd the Gaetano By KiaraAnd the Ugo Montanari.

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But during the day, Azienda Zero CEO Roberto Toniolo He had specified that “no complaint, lawsuit, or complaint have been filed.” Toniolo explained that “Azienda Zero exclusively prepared a media report which it sent to the Prosecutor General of Venice,” explaining that the company, “in the face of press communications,” from “the beginning of the epidemic until today,” had “chronologically reconstructed”, from “the decisions and activities carried out” “.