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Christmas week, Italy was hit by bad weather and Russian snowstorms. Effects

Weather: Christmas week, Italy is hit by bad weather and Russian snow. Consequences

Christmas week, latest predictionsWe are fast approaching Christmas week And the atmosphere seems to be in turmoil.
What’s going to happen next? Italy, on the one hand, is at risk of being hit by bad weather vortices of Atlantic descent, and on the other by bad Russian frosts.
We will try to better understand the weather details and the consequences of waiting for both Rainfall, On both Temperature.

The Christmas week It will open Monday, December 20th As a sign of high pressure, at least a reasonable atmospheric stability is guaranteed Until Wednesday 22nd. However, with the arrival of air masses from Russia all this will happen in colder climates, which will cause a sharp drop in temperature, especially in the northern and Adriatic side. Meanwhile, rains in Liguria de Levonde, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio are inevitable. The anticyclonic field begins to make noise Under the stimulus of high unstable currents coming from the west.

In fact, we can look at it together by broadening our vision of the Atlantic Series of Atlantic wavesOperated by high humidity winds, they will first attack the Iberian Peninsula and France, and then target our country as well. In between Thursday 23 and Friday 24 We expect the weather to get worse In the north and a good part of the center there is a very high level of intense rainfall and snowfall locally.

It will be the precursor to Christmas Day, which will be very eventful: The arrival of a deep hurricane will give way Bad weather Starting from the northwest with the risk of Snowfall (Reservations need to wait for next updates), then they were extended to the deficient Tyrrhenian segments. Thunderstorms and local storms. In short, in many regions it seems necessary to keep the umbrella close, which is a bad thing in winter. Surprise. And the Russian ice may come back from Santo Stefano … We’ll see in the next update whether this trend is confirmed or not.

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