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Christmas Barrasca Guaranteed! Rain, wind and snow from Eve to Santo Stefano. Weekly Forecasts

Weather: Christmas Broska Confirmed! Rain, wind and snow from Eve to Santo Stefano. Weekly forecast

Christmas week, latest predictionsThe Christmas storm is firm! In fact, recent predictions confirm that In fact, a disturbance of Atlantic origin will precede our country This will result in a better load Rain, Wind e Snow along with Christmas weekend.

All the fault of high pressure, at the beginning of the Christmas holidays, he decided to stop his stay in our country, which lasted about a week. So raise their voices Atlantic currents, Mild, full of moisture and negative energy, ready to trigger weather conditions with delayed characteristics autumn season.

After creating this essential prototype, let’s look at what awaits us ahead Weather forecast For the next few days and up St. Stephen.
In between Monday 20 e Wednesday 22 The key notes will be essentially two. The first will have cool air coming down from northern Europe Weather forecast Valpatana is very dry everywhere, despite the irregular clouds and slight fog.
The second element, on the other hand, comes from the west and more precisely from the Atlantic, where gradually more mild and humid air masses begin to reach our western regions, especially beginning. Wednesday 22.

This will be a preview of armchair activist Pranab Mukherjee Awareness Is Christmas When a hurricane approaches Italy an interruption occurs: Already on Thursday the 23rd the weather will start to show signs of worsening A decisive and progressive Rising clouds And with The first rain Especially on the Tyrrhenian side Tuscany, Then in a subsequent extension toward the Ligurian Levant.

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But in between the worst is expected Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day, When Trouble That would be especially bad Liguria And on Tyrannian regions, Especially on Tuscany, Lazio e Campania.
Elsewhere in the north, rainfall moves from west to east, with snow expected above 1300/1500 m in the Alps, but still less inland.
Only in the south will things get a little better, though it is expected to get worse in the coming days.

In the end, the next few days will mark the transition from a more difficult, stable and anticyclonic phase to one with very late autumn characteristics. Mild and humid Atlantic currents If this makes the weather worse on the one hand, on the other hand they will raise the thermometers, especially in the central-south, under pressure Strong wind from Cherokee.