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Chinese space station Tiangong: a new spacewalk to assemble the remaining components

The amazing spacewalk of Chinese astronauts at the Tiangong space station: a new articulated arm has been installed.

Tiangong space station

It should be noted that China has remained outside the ISS project, willing to independently continue its study and research in space. Tiangong 3 is the third orbital station in the Asian country, and the first unit was launched on April 29, 2021. Chinese astronauts are busy assembling the various components: 10 more launch missions will follow and construction will end in 2023. After the launch of the three units Tianhe, Wentian and Mengtian, there will be a total of 3 cargoes and 4 manned missions.

This is only the first step for China, as space exploration will continue with a telescope being sent to the same orbital altitude as the station and then accelerating toward the moon. TheAt the station it rotates between an altitude of 340 and 450 km, with a 43-degree inclination to facilitate launches also from the Jeonquan Space Center, in the north of the country. Once assembled, it will consist of 3 modules, 2 labs and a basic module, but 3 more modules may be added in the future. It will be T-shaped, with a live volume of 110 cubic metres, a quarter of the volume of the International Space Station. Compared to previous experiments, this time special attention has been paid to consumption, which will be reduced thanks to the life support and recycling system and thanks to electrically driven ion thrusters and wireless communication systems.

Amazing spacewalk video of Chinese astronauts

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Two Chinese astronauts conducted a new spacewalk to complete the assembly of the Tiangong articulated arm, which will then be used to build the remaining modules. This is only the first Chinese step in the conquest of space, given the long-term project of the Moon and Mars. The three astronauts departed in mid-June from the Gobi Desert and docked their spacecraft in the Tianhe Unit, Heavenly Harmony in Chinese. The three men will achieve a record stay in relation to the Asian country: they will stay in space for 3 months.

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Nie Hesheng and Liu Beoming came out of the Tianhe Unit to install a footstool and workbench on the station’s robotic arm, and a workbench on the station’s robotic arm whose name means Heavenly Palace. The terminal size will be the same as the old Soviet Mir and will operate for 10 years.