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Unruly passengers on board fined, Britons convicted of violating masks in Singapore

Unruly passengers on board fined, Britons convicted of violating masks in Singapore

(CNN) – While our passports haven’t received many stamps since March 2020, at least our vocabulary is expanding. Variables, mandates, quarantines, requirements: who knew 2021 would be multi-sectional?

CNN Travel, as always, has been keeping an eye on the week’s developments and here’s our summary of what we’ve learned in Covid Travel over the past seven days.

1. American Airlines will not serve alcoholic beverages until 2022

American Airlines said in a memo to employees that it was “doing everything in its power to help create a safe environment for our crew and customers.”

Joe Riddell / Getty Images

It turns out that diabetes has a problem with alcohol.

The airline says the move is part of a dual approach to improving safety on board, both in terms of the spread of Covid-19 and containing unbridled passenger behaviour. The US Federal Aviation Authority on Thursday suggested More than $500,000 new fines Against passengers who break the rules.

2. Hong Kong has strict quarantine rules, but not if you’re Nicole Kidman

Australian actress Nicole Kidman has been granted an exemption from quarantine in Hong Kong.

Willy Sanjuan / Invision / AP

Hong Kong has some of the strictest quarantine rules in the world due to the Covid-19 virus, but a special exemption has been granted to Hollywood star Nicole Kidman.

3. The closed tourism board is promoting vaccination instead

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said anti-lockdown protesters are “selfish” for violating social distancing rules. Meanwhile, Hanoi, Vietnam is in isolation to try to contain a rise in new cases. And in Indonesia, restrictions were extended by a week. CNN’s Michael Holmes reports.

And therefore New Australian tourism campaign Take a different route. This week’s Best Local Travel Shot was launched and is a campaign to vaccinate more people.

4. The US has extended border restrictions and added other countries to its “no travel” list.

The US has imposed restrictions on non-essential travel along the border since the beginning of the pandemic, with exceptions for cross-border trade, US citizens and lawful permanent residents, as well as people traveling for reasons such as medical purposes or going to school.

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Sculptural in nature, the landscape has carved a unique identity in the heart of Turkey.

While Four new destinations Dominica, Jersey, Montenegro, and Turkey have been added to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s highest level 4 risk category. Travel Warnings List.

Among the happiest news, Chile, Mozambique and Uruguay have all moved to Level 3, urging unvaccinated travelers to avoid non-essential travel to those places.

Uruguay has closed its borders to all but citizens and residents since the start of the pandemic, but announced this month that it will do so. Opens on the 1st of November For all travelers who show proof of vaccination.

5. A man was sentenced to six weeks in prison for violating the mask laws

Mask of Breton International Prison in Singapore

A man reading a newspaper sits at an unspecified safe distance sign at a train station on April 21, 2020 in Singapore.

Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

Having previously undergone a psychiatric evaluation of his behavior and observations in court, Benjamin Glenn was convicted of four counts of repeated failure to wear a mask, as well as causing public inconvenience and using language. threatening public officials.

6. From coast to coast, major US cities submit vaccination orders

Proof of vaccination is required to enjoy indoor entertainment venues in New York City.

Proof of vaccination is required to enjoy indoor entertainment venues in New York City.

Noam Galli / Getty Images

City residents 12 and older are now required to show their vaccination credentials to access indoor restaurants, bars, gyms and theaters, as well as large event spaces with at least 1,000 people.

On the East Coast, New York City Vaccination requirement ‘key to New York City’ It went into effect on August 17, and compliance enforcement will begin on September 13. In response to the varying elevation of the delta, proof of vaccination is required for patrons and employees of city restaurants, fitness and entertainment venues.
representing the Gulf Coast, New Orleans Vaccine State It went into effect on Monday and will go into effect the week of August 23. All teens aged 12 and over must show evidence of at least one stroke from Covid or a negative PCR test taken within the past 72 hours to enter restaurants, bars, indoor gyms and entertainment venues.

7. The Turks and Caicos Islands will require all visitors to be fully vaccinated

Cardinal Arthur, born in Central Caicos, shares the charm of his Caribbean hometown, where visitors can find a quiet beach without the crowds.

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From September 1, all travelers 16 years of age or older will need to show proof of vaccination prior to entry, with vaccination completed at least two weeks prior to arrival.

8. Canada announces a vaccination mandate for air travel

Passenger check-in at Toronto Pearson International Airport in April 2020.

Passenger check-in at Toronto Pearson International Airport in April 2020.

Cole Burston / Getty Images

Canada’s Minister of Transport, Omar Al-Ghubra, said during a virtual press conference on August 13 that the vaccination requirement “includes all commercial air travelers, passengers of inter-provincial trains, and passengers of large military ships with overnight accommodations such as cruise ships.”

9. Face masks will be mandatory in US national parks

The influx of visitors has forced Arches National Park in Utah to temporarily close its doors almost every day. Frustrated visitors are not the only result of overcrowding. The National Park Service expects it to be one of its busiest summers ever, so Arches won’t be the only popular park where crowds can be an issue. CNN’s Lucy Kavanov reports.

If you want the fresh air of America’s legendary national parks, you’ll need it too Bring a face mask Wear inside National Park Service (NPS) buildings and outdoors in crowded parks.

The NPS said this applies regardless of vaccination status or levels of transmission within the community and the requirement will be in effect until further notice.

12. The Navajo Nation has reopened its parks and monuments

US Highway 163 runs through Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Utah.

US Highway 163 passes through Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park in Utah.

Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images

The Navajo Nation, a Native American preserve that stretches across parts of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, gradually reopened its historic parks and attractions Monday.

Among them are the Four Corners Memorial and Chile Valley, he says National Parks and Navajo Recreational Activities. Monument Valley is temporarily closed due to bad weather, but will reopen once all streets are cleaned and maintained.

Most businesses, including restaurants, casinos, museums and theme parks, can now operate at 50% of their capacity.

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This story was contributed by Priscilla Alvarez, Forest Brown, Marnie Hunter, Faith Karimi, Diksha Madhok, Lilit Marcus, Pete Montaigne, Paula Newton and Gregory Wallace of CNN.