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Listen to the sound of the Earth’s magnetic field, that’s the annoying sound

Listen to the sound of the Earth’s magnetic field, that’s the annoying sound

Here is the disturbing audio developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) of the Earth’s magnetic field, enjoy listening

European Space Agency Just posted voice What humans can never hear: that Earth’s magnetic fieldAn annoying sound coming from the bowels of our planet. In fact, beneath our feet, the constant boiling of molten iron and nickel in Earth’s outer core powers a planet-sized electromagnet. It is an invisible presence that is always around us. Since 2013, the three ESA satellites have communicated swarm They recorded its electromagnetic activity across the entire planet, from deep within the core out into space.

How it works for us roadblock. Credit: European Space Agency (ESA)

Like a bike dynamo

Earth’s magnetic field It’s a bubble Which protects us from cosmic radiation and charged particles emitted from the sun, and when these particles collide with atoms and molecules (mainly oxygen and nitrogen) in the upper atmosphere, part of the energy resulting from these collisions is transformed into the famous northern lights. But while we can see the aurora with our own eyes, hearing the sound of the Earth’s magnetic field is another matter entirely. It is largely created by An ocean of liquid iron The hot, swirling outer core that forms about 3,000 kilometers beneath our feet. It acts like the rotating conductor of a bicycle dynamo, generating electrical currents which in turn generate our electromagnetic field.

Swarm satellites

It was launched in 2013, The three satellites swarm ESA is used to understand exactly how the Earth’s magnetic field works. These sophisticated instruments precisely measure magnetic signals coming from not only the Earth’s core, but also from the mantle, crust, and oceans, as well as the ionosphere and magnetosphere. Below is the audio:

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The voice of the Earth’s magnetic field. Credit: European Space Agency

source: European Space Agency